About us

“Made in India”

That is what Ankur Bharat translates to. It’s 2020 and we live in a world that is globalized by all means. We have advanced by leaps and geographic boundaries have shrunk drastically, thanks to information dissipation, technology adaptation, break throughs in healthcare, academic innovation and other factors. We stay abreast with the latest developments and happenings from all corners of earth & even beyond!

While we have a great hawk-eye view, sometimes it becomes difficult to pause and zoom-in on some of the developments that are taking place in our backyards. With a population of 1.3 billion, imagine the number of breakthroughs and advancements that are taking place on a daily basis and how we miss out on knowing some of the most innovative ideas, extra ordinary people & trend setting organizations. It is our effort to give these grass-root level ideas, people & organizations a platform to broadcast their work to the global populace. 

The word “Ankur” means to grow or germinate. We hope our platform lives up to this true purpose – provide a opportunity for ideas to germinate; and be an information highway for operational start-ups to reach a larger audience and gain global audience. Our mission is to grow into a bridge between start-ups from villages & towns of India and a global influencer pool that includes academics, business owners, investors, non-profit leaders and entrepreneurial mentors.

If you know of ideas, people or organizations that are building something that deserves a pat on their backs, we would love to hear more.

Help us help them!