Agrima Infotech has a grimoire of recipes at your finger tips!


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, isn’t it?. The quote explores the role of food in life. There’s no surprise if I say that we can’t survive without food. But coming to cooking, everyone transforms into a great chef experimenting with different ingredients to make a new recipe.

Oops!!.. its dark outside and the groceries are out of stock and you are left with only a few ingredients, so you don’t know what to cook to satisfy your hunger. It is really too hard to imagine the situation. But ever heard of an app that suggests you recipes with available ingredients by just clicking photos?

Agrima Infotech, a Kochi-based startup that currently has two extremely effective and popular items – RecipeBook, an astute recipe discovery platform and Psyight, a devoted computer vision stage for perceiving raw, cooked and bundled food items.

The journey of Recipe Book started with the idea of roommates and co-benefactors Anoop, Arun Ravi, Nikhil Dharman who were in search of finding an answer for making ordinary cooking which was dependent on simple ingredients and groceries that were accessible.

We didn’t have the foggiest idea what we could cook with what we had on the kitchen rack. Plans frequently called for things we never had at that point. So scanning for plans dependent on the current ingredients was a major issue.”

It was only one of those ‘moments of realization’ by Nikhil, who recommended to use a profound learning computer vision to devise an answer.

Anoop says,”- ‘Suppose you could snap a fixing from your ice chest and get recipe proposals applicable to it.’ That sounded energizing. In this way, we promptly landed on to the position. We fabricated RecipeBook as a direct
and simple recipe discovery application where clients transfer pictures of groceries to get plans and transferred on the PlayStore in December 2015.”

Agrima Infotech around then was chipping away at artificial intelligence ventures and the fellow benefactors never acknowledged they had a triumphant thought until the model that they had transferred on Google PlayStore started getting natural downloads. With RecipeBook, the startup hit the sweet spot with clients, and in addition won Google Play supervisor’s decision grant in 2016, turning into the only Indian startup to achieve that.

Seeing the footing that RecipeBook’s acknowledgement innovation was picking up, Psyight was propelled in June 2019, the group began taking a shot at Psyight, a devoted computer vision platform for perceiving raw, cooked and bundled things so that it could be utilized in a B2B space. “Information is one of the primary parts of the profound learning framework. Previously they had clients transferring over a million pictures on RecipeBook. They reused that information to prepare and fabricate Psyight.”

The Psyight stage eliminates the intricacy and time it takes for ventures to assemble arrangements that will distinguish and examine pictures by joining the intensity of AI and PC vision.
Today, with Psyight, Agrima Infotech is as of now connected with organizations like Samsung, IFB, June, and Innit, among others. Moreover, subsequent to doing numerous POC’s, Samsung preloaded Psyight food recognition in Bixby Vision alternative inside their cell phone camera. Currently, Recipe book is the main Indian organization as of now that is present in Bixby Vision.


– Composed by Tarun