AhaGuru : A Chennai based startup, offering digital conceptual learning!


Gone are the days when students used to attend coaching classes stuffed with more than 100 students in a single classroom. Gone are the days when a single teacher used to spoon-feed a thousand students with his cramped notes. Witnessing this “lockdown” period, one could easily say that the coming future lies nowhere but in the lap of online coaching.

A similar idea is what AhaGuru comes up with. The Chennai-based startup, started by Gomathi S and Dr. Balaji Sampath in 2012, focuses on providing education through online video lectures and mentored teaching.

Since a lot of schools have underperforming teachers, most students end up going for coaching. But most institutions make students memorize formulas and question patterns instead of focusing on concepts and reasoning,” says Gomathi.

Most coaching classes thrive on making students feel like losers. Even good students lose confidence when they get into the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) coaching classes. AhaGuru ensures that every student feels like a winner,” she adds.

AhaGuru Education Technology Private Limited works with this 2-year programme where a specific mentor is alloted to teach and check the progress of each student. The students doesn’t need to go anywhere and the teacher gets the idea about the IQ of each student separately, which makes him focus on each students based on their skills without neglecting the weaker ones. They also came up with Whatsapp business groups where they can inform parents about the progress of their students and the group also acts as a platform to exhibit their different kinds of products.

www.AhaGuru.com provides maths and science online coaching and guidance for classes 9 to 12. They also have an expertise in coaching for CBSE, JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams.

Dr. Balaji Sampath, CEO of AhaGuru, emphatically said, “Absolutely we are seeing a growing number of students making a switch to completely online coaching. There are multiple benefits for the students from cutting down 8 to 10 hours of commute per week, not worried about missing a topic as courses are on-demand and can be taken in their preferred time when they are relaxed and most attentive. Most importantly, it allows them to go back and revise topics any number of times as needed.”

AhaGuru provides students with deep conceptual learning that they can never get from other coaching classes that believe in making the students mug up the formulae. It has also launched a mobile app for daily practice questions and online videos that can be easily downloaded from Playstore. In fact, it goes well with the Indian Government’s Digital India Initiative and will take some time to reach the small towns and villages where students don’t have access to good offline coaching classes.

I remember the days during my JEE preparation when I used to travel for 2 hours just to attend a one-hour lecture session. I remember the fatigue and the time that I used to waste while traveling from home to school and coaching classes. I barely used to get any time for self-study. Lucky are the ones, who have this great opportunity of getting online lectures while sitting comfortably in their homes. And this startup is making this possible for students. India needs more such startups like this to make access to education so much easier, even for the weaker sections!


– Composed by Niharika Karoli