Baby Destination – offering digital assistance to new moms!


The miracle of existing is cherished every day with the amazing life we have and life begins with birth. Birth of a child is the birth of a new generation too. A baby learns everything right from birth watching its mother. The relation between a mother and a child is the purest form of existence. As the saying goes “ when the child is born a mother is also born”, this phrase explains the virtuality of the situation present in the world. You know, when there is a new addition to the family, the entire family gets very excited and helps the new mother a lot with precautionary measures and other stuff. As time goes on its just the mother and baby, there would be helpful but there are mothers who cannot avail it.

Emotionally a new mother is also like a baby learning the best to provide the best to her child. Baby destination helps such mothers in learning new techniques like “ breastfeeding, burping the kid, parenting, etc.” This website shares the experiences of mothers who already have parented few kids or if anyone likes to share new experiences about parenting they are welcome to on this platform.

This initiative was taken by the husband and wife, Tarun and Tamanna Dhamiji, US-based Indian couple. It all started when Mrs. Tamanna had her first child, a baby boy. It was overwhelming to have help from her family, but as the time went on, she felt like she could have more help. In 2014, she acted as the founder of a US non-profit based organization “DFYUSA” which provided treatment for over 160 underprivileged congenital heart disease patients. This inspiration carried on and, in the year 2016 she started this “baby destination,” a website as described earlier which is a platform to many mothers to learn new things as well as educating themselves about new things all along. The baby destination had helped a lot of underprivileged women such as the people who cannot afford a lot of help on a daily basis or women who are very young and do not have support from their families.

The time at which this “baby destination” has started was in the times when nuclear families started becoming more prominent. As there are a lot of career-oriented people and for a better and simpler future, families have been divided for their own benefits. This division of families resulted in a lack of help to the new mothers. Experiencing the new struggles Mrs. Tamanna had the inclination over setting these things right for the new moms. With the help of new technology, social media like Facebook, Instagram, and advertising agencies, this inclination has become a success.

In parenting, both the mother and father have a role or part of their own in the upbringing of a child. Over the years there has been a change in the mindset of men and the way they think about parenting. In recent times men are taking the responsibility of nurturing children while the women go about their household work. This website has helped a lot of fathers in doing things in the right way like, changing diapers or bottle-feeding the babies, etc. this had helped in developing a bond between the father and the child. For a better future and parental care in the child’s life, ‘baby destination’ helps the new generation in taking care of their little munchkins!


– Composed by Rajasree