Banihal – Google-like algorithm to find your soul mate


How many of you ever watched the movie “The Matchmaker’s Playbook”? If you did, you know what I’m talking about. If not, then go on and give it a read.

Every person has a list of “these are gonna be my once in a lifetime moments and I’m not gonna ruin them” events of their life. Such lists contain mostly life-changing decisions and experiences. But, one thing dominating everyone’s list is marriage.
In India, marriage is the “it” moment for every individual irrespective of class, caste, place, religion, and personality. One has to find a partner who is understanding, kind and more importantly compatible. We all need that one person who can finish our sentences, understand our silence, and be equally weird. This is what Ishdeep Shawney had in mind when he was about to get married in 2009.

Ishdeep had prepared a list of questions to ask his to-be wife to check their compatibility. And to prepare these questions he explored neuroscience to understand how a person’s brain reacts to certain situations. He went on asking the list of questions to all his potential to be brides. Most of them did not match, but one person was off the list. Even though Ishdeep had never met her in person, he flew to Delhi on a fine Saturday and surprisingly got married the following Sunday!

Later this lead Ishdeep to think about all the people who wanted to find a compatible partner but are unable to due to lack of right platforms. That is when Ishdeep quit his job at Apple and started to work on “Banihal”. At Banihal, they help you find your soulmate on various with compatibility factors, unlike other matrimonial sites which provide you with basic information.

Firstly Banihal focuses on professionals in metro cities between 25 to 30 years of age. When a person is signing up for Banihal, they have to answer 40 questions typically related to personality and behavior, including some questions from psychologist Arthur Aron’s “36 questions that lead to love”.

In order to maintain confidentiality and to respect client privacy, all personal information gathered from the clients is only accessible to an in-house artificial intelligence tool names “Rae” and no human will have access to the said information¬†Although the founders Ishdeep and Upendra are not yet ready to disclose their growth rate and asset value, it is evident from their work that they have a proven success rate. With such compatibility and success rate, Banihal is set to lead the matrimonial industry in the coming future.


– Composed by Rajashree D