BlueTie : Creating a professional bonding between the one who needs it and the one who gives it

In this new era of much-advanced technology, we have a varied range of apps that we use every day for interacting with people. Be it Facebook where you make new friends or be it Twitter where you post your thoughts every day. Be it Instagram where you flaunt the glimpses of your day to day lives or be it Tinder to set a date and hookup with similar young minds like yours. How amazing it looks while deciding what you want in your plate by just swiping left or right! Now, won’t it be more amazing to find an app that could build your professional relations just as easily as swiping the screen of your mobile phone? Yes, you heard it right!

BlueTie comes with this unique idea of connecting you with the top professionals that do not lie within your individual reach. Their sole mission is to outreach people like you who are in this need to achieve their objectives by making their professional connections strong with it’s official website as

BlueTie came into existence with the entrepreneurial efforts of a brother duo – Kalyan Garud and Kunal Garud. Former CEO of Shrooms Creatives, Kunal Garud says that this idea of starting this “one app of its kind” came into his mind when he realized the importance of a common platform for professionals to network and collaborate with a purpose.

BlueTie works in a way by eliminating this long path of making professional connections beyond your individual networks. In spite of worrying about making those connections, you could utilize your energy in building and generating newer and much better ideas. Favoring this statement Kunal says, “We believe that if one person has a problem, then somewhere else another person has a solution, or probably is the solution himself/herself. The key is in getting these two persons to reach out to each other. And BlueTie is trying to create this professional alchemy.”

BlueTie is a Mumbai based global company comprising of over 36 members with Sweden based Jorgen Nilsson as CEO, UAE based Khalil Mohd Al-Hindwan as VP, Kalyan Garud as Founder & Director, Kunal Garud as Founder & CEO, Vibhav Shetye as CMO and Lalit Deshmukh as CTO. Furthermore, TransSys Solutions is held responsible for the expansion of the company globally.

Now you must be wondering where this unique name came from? A Tie brings this professional feel with it while Blue symbolizes depth, stability, wisdom, and intelligence worldwide.

According to Kalyan, “There is a thin line that differentiates networking from network building. BlueTie was conceptualized to address this very difference. Our philosophy is simple – to complement the speed at which you are growing today, you need to create professional relationships based on mutual synergies at that point of time. Simply adding people to your contact list does not serve any purpose.”

Some of the core features of BlueTie are:
Objective-Based Networking – Users can meet and network with the right professional for every objective. Users can choose their networking objective and connect with professionals who share a co-relating objective

Get Searched Precisely – The platform allows users to choose their fortes (Skills, Certifications, Software expertise) and get searched by those who are looking for professionals with the same skill set.

Go Beyond Your Personal Connections – The professionals who complement the objectives that the users are looking to achieve can be beyond their limited personal connections. BlueTie allows one to look beyond one’s personal connections, and reach out to professionals in a cordial manner, cutting straight to the chase without the frills of introductory obligations.

Acknowledgment – Interactive and effortless acknowledgment system so that the professionals can utilize their time effectively thus reducing the scopes of miscommunication.

Networking, without Network Building – BlueTie enables professionals to start networking the moment they join, without the hassles of building and maintaining huge lists of personal connections.

BlueTie Pin – A Professional Contact detail for all professional communication dissuading the use of any personal information in order to minimize spam

It’s been a year and 11 months since this venture has been embedding its roots in this world of social networking. They have a strong consumer base in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, and Delhi with 1 new user joining them every 70 seconds. It means in every 70 seconds, a person collaborates with a professional, investor or a freelancer to complement his own skills and to fulfill his objectives. The company has effectively established a strong bond between the one who wants to borrow and the one who wants to give back, thus, generating a web of networks and has converted this big world into a much smaller professional world.


– Composed by Niharika Karoli