Cambrionics- a Chennai based startup redefining the approach of learning Biology!

Being a biotechnology student, I was looking up for some videos to crack a particularly difficult topic in life science when I first came across Cambrionics. The Chennai based startup is turning heads with their innovative ways of imparting skills through life sciences. They believe that one can learn a lot more from nature rather than books and provide the learners with hands-on-experience on all of their courses.

But what is interesting is that the founders never intended to start a company and the startup was just the by-product of trying to do what they love. As a bunch of friends, the co-founders used to share their ideas in college which proved to align along the line. Then they decided to continue doing what they love for the rest of their lives and Cambrionics was established as a result.

I always loved talking to a lot of people and was keen to listen to their stories. In college, I used to share my dreams and what I loved with a lot of people. Very quickly I found out that my close friends also shared the same dream as me and we all were up for doing something really crazy. We decided to form the first biology team in our college and named it Cambrionics. Through Cambrionics we did a lot of unconventional and crazy stuff in biology at our college and found out eventually that people loved our craziness. We registered Cambrionics as an official entity after our college to continue with the crazy work in biology” says Sudarshan, the co-founder of Cambrionics.

Sudarshan believes that being a biologist gives him the liberty to explore the subject with a practical approach while constantly learning new things. He is also of the opinion that today’s youth needs to follow their passion instead of trying to fit in or doing something they don’t feel passionate about. While working with a close friend is deemed precarious, Cambrionics is set out to prove the notion wrong!

When we friends started out with Cambrionics, the only thing we heard from our fellow people was that 
friends make bad partners. It was that day that we decided to prove them wrong. All the other co-founders
are my friends since college and my entire core team consists of my college juniors . It is friendship and trust
that drives our team forward and the passion toward biology that keeps us together” added Sudarshan.

In India where Science communication in Biology is a new term, Cambrionics is trying to build a new market which focuses on delivering top notch learning experience in Biology. Despite facing financial crunch occasionally, the team never gets disappointed and works as a single entity with commitment. The Chennai based startup doesn’t believe in investing a whopping sum into advertising. All of their publicity is mostly due to word of mouth by the customers. They believe that while setting up a business, one should always make up their mind to go through tough times in the initial stages.

“The value I provide to my customers and the love they give me back is something that cannot be compared to anything else. I still remember a grade 9 school kid who came up to my after one of the session and said how she hated science before and this session proved her wrong. She thanked our whole team for making her fall in love with learning. These are a few little moments that keeps us motivated to do more better and bigger” says Sudarshan.

In the next five years, Cambrionics looks forward to disrupt the traditional learning and redefine the way biology is being learnt in India. Visit right away to take a look at the innovative courses they offer with hands-on-experience. Comment below to share your learning experience at Cambrionics with us!