Chtrbox – A platform providing an opportunity to campaign for one’s favorite brand!


Whenever we scroll through our social media accounts, either Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, we find many ads related to various products. Some of them are quite interesting. And during this quarantine all we do is sit at home and be extra active on social media. Now, at this point where the whole world is sitting at home and spending most of their time on mobiles and other electronic devices, it is an amazing opportunity for all types of businesses to make a purposeful utilisation of social media promotion.

As the saying goes “easier said than done”, social media marketing is not an easy task at all. It requires talented influencers and equally interested customer base. Keeping this in view, Panay Swarup introduced “Chtrbox” to the sector with the support of Rohit Raj and Varun Duggirala to enhance the service of social media influencers to businesses and brands.


The list of types of influencers includes bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Campus Ambassadors, Mom influencers etc… The list consists of sixteen categories of influencers. Chtrbox is for all brands that have buyers via web-based networking media, and are enthusiastic about connecting with them through individuals that purchasers trust and tune into consistently. Their clients on the brand side have either subsidized new businesses, built up brands, or their organizations – all hoping to market to shoppers in the current world that us carefully adroit.

On the Influencer side, Chtrbox is for each dynamic web-based social networking client – somebody who has a voice, an enthusiasm, and a crowd that trusts and tails them. Chtrbox enables internet based life clients to adapt their computerized voice by teaming up on brand crusades.

Our objective in launching Boombox as a platform and end-to-end service is to empower marketers with strategic, data-powered, consolidated talent options when selecting celebs and top influencers for brand campaigns, events and endorsements. Today, when brands select talent, we’ve noticed that choices are decided largely on simple intuition such as – do I know & like this person? Do they represent the values my brand wants to represent? We are bringing data to this critical decision-making process, to ensure that when you invest and book India’s top talent for any purpose, you’re maximising your ROI on social media. With Boombox, we want to help brands discover creative and budget-effective optimisations you may not have thought of before, paired with our expertise on creative strategy to create memorable influencer content,” says the co-founder of chtrbox.

In the era of hyper information where people go from smartphones and smart TVs to apps and wearables, content is everywhere. Finding a trusted voice to promote their product or service is very important for a brand. At heart, influencer marketing is nothing but people-powered marketing that helps influence buying behaviour and purchase decisions.
Chtrbox has worked with leading brands like Adidas, Rayban, Leo Burnett, Pepsico, Flipkart, HP, Unilever, Glitch and many more agencies and media companies. Chtrbox says they have failed fast and learnt quickly from their mistakes. With such a team with great efforts and talent chtrbox is India’s leading social media marketing agency currently.


– Composed by Rajasree!