Edwisley enabling engineering students to learn more faster, effectively and efficiently!


The joy of learning seems like a joke when a biology student is expected to study hardcore equations and integrations.A particular Heat and Mass transfer class led me to Google the course to see if I can learn the topics in a way that it can be fun and interesting. Well, my Google search proved to be truly rewarding when I found out about Edwisely.

Edwisely was set up in the year 2018 by Kashyap Kompella, Yashwanth Tudimilla, Hanuma Tej, and Harsha Kanakanala, to solve the problems of engineers by making them skilled and ready for employment. 

Edwisely, an Edtech startup creates innovative learning models within the institutional framework by focusing on learning science with an approach to use knowledge graphs to personalize learning for individual students. An Engineering Knowledge Graph (EKG) is applied by the firm to outline every theme/concept in engineering education. The startup envisions an education system where students experience the joy of learning. 

“The Edtech ecosystem in higher education in India is mostly lopsided towards cracking competitive examinations and test prep, with a majority of companies and startups merely solving that problem,’’ says Kashyap Kompella, Co-founder of Edwisely. 

With proven learning frameworks aligned with the technology, Edwisely delivers highly personalized and adaptive learning experiences to the individual students. The platform helps students like a personal guide through a highly engaging and innovative app. The User Interface is in the form of a Mobile App to access EKG with availability on Play Store and App Store with 5000 pilot users in just 2 months after launch. On the app, students get curated content on relevant interests through this micro-learning interface. The content intends to give students an overall exposure to their field of study, by giving them seamless access to all the relevant information. Edwisely provides a learning experience to students with tremendous flexibility, allowing them to learn in their own way, at their own pace, and most convenient way. It guides through a recommendation engine powered by Artificial Intelligence so that students can reach their goals. The company automatically provides students with the learning support that a tutor would provide at the times the students need feedback, while still allowing students to retain the freedom and control the system already provides.

The founders have invested Rs 50 lakh together on this project. Over the next year or so they plan to reach out to one lakh students in engineering colleges across India with their mission to improve the quality of engineering education. Their clients are institutions offering engineering degrees, mostly based in Hyderabad. They intend to start operations in Gujarat and Delhi NCR. 

Kashyap says that they have five existing clients and another 10 in the pipeline and they are also making the institutional curriculum and assessments more adaptive, by applying cognitive learning style frameworks.

Started late last year, they have a subscription model for Institutions and Edwisely’s revenue is growing steadily. The company claims to have mapped 2 million engineering nodes. The founders are expecting the revenue to touch Rs 1.2 crore by the end of this financial year. 

Edwisely will continue to demystify learning science and accelerate an individual’s learning. The firm also believes that it carries the potential to globally disrupt the e-learning market. It has its keen eyes on serving every online learning platform/ MOOCs with its unique Accelerated Learning Technology.

Two weeks into Edwisely learning the concepts in a fun way in my mobile and most importantly learning them at my own pace, I recommend Edwisely to those lacking the joy of learning and would also recommend it to those who already enjoy learning to enhance the experience a little more! Comment below on how and with which topics Edwisely helped you out in your course!