Fitternity, a hyperlocal online discovery and booking platform for different fitness programs!


Fitness is a much-needed lifestyle change and a chased dream for every individual’s fast-paced schedule. In spite of the fact that there is increased awareness of the synergies between a fitter way of life and a direct impact on the quality of life and psychological wellness, there is also a challenge to match this due to diverse demands and shifts in daily routine. Effectiveness is one of the key challenges for all of this and as a solution to this pressing challenge, a couple launched Fitternity, India’s largest online discovery and booking platform for fitness programs.

While shifting houses, it is easier to finding a restaurant, booking a hotel and get coupons for purchase at a local store but Neha found it difficult to find a fitness platform for a fitness enthusiast to access the services in their vicinity. So she met different people across different cities through focus group discussions & interviews and got to the conclusion that fitness discovery was a definitive problem faced by many people. Thus Neha Motwani and her husband Jayam Vora launched Fitternity in early 2014. 

Fitternity is a fitness startup that runs an integrated hyperlocal marketplace for preventive healthcare where it helps people in discovering health-based destinations. By providing unlimited access across the brand’s network of fitness classes, gyms, and sports venues across 20 + cities in India, Fitternity has developed a broad, countrywide program for fitness solutions through all in one fitness membership OnePass. It provides access to local fitness centers, gym chains and luxury hotels, specializing in more than 17 + fitness types, giving their customers the opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle at their convenience, based on their preferences and needs. 

Neha says “The biggest challenge is to match demand (fitness consumers) and supply (fitness service providers – owners and trainers of gyms/studios). Hiring and building a high-performing team in different locations, to constantly run tests on new business lines while keeping track of existing growth and progress has been challenging as well.”

“Currently, our business models are seeing great traction on both sides of demand and supply and we aim to scale across three major focus areas – adding offerings in ancillary categories across sports & preventive healthcare, scaling up our supply base in top 20 cities, and managing inventory at scale,” says Neha Motwani in an interview. 

Now Fitternity has 10k+ fitness centers,  above 10 million customers across the country. The startup has developed a tech-enabled platform that incorporates marketplace and fitness services subscription model that covers a $4 billion Indian market. On Fitternity, users can book fitness services in real-time across the assured network of more than 4,000 service providers.

Fitternity has raised funding of 1 million INR in the year 2015 from Exfinity Venture Partners and 4 million INR from Sixth sense ventures in the year 2019. 

In addition, the fitness company has partnered with insurance companies to offer health-related insurance premiums and are replacing obsolete gym reimbursements with compact and customizable Fitternity sessions for leading companies.

Fitternity has provided me with many options which I had no idea about before looking them up on website.Access the Fitternity website to know more about the fitness centers in your locality and do not forget to comment below your favourite type of fitness activity!