Gamerji- a professional platform where gaming can fetch you money!


Waking up everyday, doing daily activities and playing games for fun in the meantime would be a normal person’s routine. But there are young minds out there who are passionate about these games, their very existence is to justify the term “Gamers”. Many of us see gaming as a hobby to just kill time for a while…now, how about I say you can earn from that hobby of yours.? Interesting and exciting, right?

In the past few years the gaming industry has been booming and carving its own niche in the international market by making $1.5 Billion a year and India being a new introduction to the maker is fairly contributing nearly $160 million a year with a growth rate of 38% annually. 

How cool does it sound, that you’ll be getting paid for playing games sitting lavishly and palatially under the roof. Rising up and making progress with such intensity by a startup company established in 2019 named “Gamerji” has been a revolution in the Indian gaming industry by being the first company to sport e-tournaments in gaming.  With this step the company took gaming to the next level.

Gamerji, is a unique platform to excel in the world of tournaments. The founders of Gamerji, Soham Thacker and Varun Gajjar met a few years ago when Soham decided to move to India from the US. Soham’s most successful venture was “Just Mexican” which grew from a food truck to 13 restaurants in just two years. Varun, at the time being the marketing and sales executive at “La Gajjar” one of the most successful family businesses in Gujarat. These two great minds together formed “Gamerji”.

Gamerji is a seeding company established just an year ago, which is running in the path of success. It also secured a funding of $400 thousand from “La Gajjar” groups. It is a huge accomplishment for a start up company. The company being successful, started slaying in Global gaming industry and Indian gaming industry as well.

It was launched with a tournament called Air Drop 1.0 by inviting pro – level gamers to compete with each other and win cash prize along with gathering a huge interest from the community. The creative minds of Gamerji are now operating  with 200 thousand plus gamers and also conducted 3200 plus tournaments in the last few months. They are also expecting to hit a target of one million by the end of 2021.

We are average gamers who never got a chance to play professionally or gain any benefits by playing online games. There are multiple e-sports tournaments hosted worldwide for pro-level gamers, but what about the 99.9% of the other casual gamers who still spend hours every day playing the same game?” Say the founders of Gamerji. This thought led them to establish “Gamerji” that helps gamers to play and earn from their passion simultaneously. 

With this as a backdrop, the company has not just limited to excelling in its field but also started building trust amidst the people, something that none of the startups focus at.

In a world full of people where gaming is being labelled as a job of jobless people, Gamerji and team are striving to improve and develop themselves and provide earnings to passionate gamers irrespective of their talent in the level of gaming.