Gapagap : the journey of Prashant from a software coder to Panipuripreneur!


We, Indians, are born with a tongue that always craves for nothing but taste. We use our mouth more to eat than we use it to speak. We are known for our tasty and mouth watering cuisine worldwide. Be it the sizzling South Indian or the spicy Punjabi food, or be it the crispy Gujarati food or the sweet Bengali cuisine, India always speaks with its varied range of recipes.

And the one thing that every Indian craves for, irrespective of his state, irrespective of his food habits, is Panipuri. Somewhere it is called as Puchka and at other places, it is famously termed as Golgappa. It would not be wrong, in any sense, to say that our country is divided by states but eventually united by this tasty Golgappa.

Chatar Patar has united Indians the same way by launching Gapagap which is India’s first brand name for panipuri. It was launched by a former Infosys employee Prashant Kulkarni. Yes, you heard it right. An ex Infosys employee, software coder and MBA graduate quit his job to start this business of selling panipuri on the Indian streets.

So, the whole story started the moment Prashant experienced food poisoning after eating panipuri from the roadside. After that, he was not able to eat panipuri for almost 4 months which was very hard for him, who was a true panipuri  lover. Thus, he came up with this whole unique idea of starting a business with his favorite panipuri.

Today, Chatar Patar sells panipuri in 120 different flavors, all over in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, along with 80 types of Bhel, 27 types of Chaats and what not. Chatar Patar has collaborated with Big Bazaar shops in all three states and has also opened up its franchise near the area. The whole venture is being managed by Prashant and his team members Pallavi Kulkarni and Aarti Sirsat. On being asked about his experience, he says

I stumbled into it accidentally when I suffered from eating roadside panipuri. I never wanted to work for somebody else, I always wanted to create my own system rather than following somebody else,”

For Prashant, satisfaction of the customer is the ultimate agenda. This is the reason he came up with so many flavors of panipuri to meet every customer’s needs. According to him, customers play a great role for the goodwill of a venture. He has this dream of eventually moving abroad after setting up his roots strongly in the Indian market.

Prashant and Pallavi started off by doing a deep research and came out with products like Maggie Gapagap (combination of various tastes with the regular Maggie), Indian street version of french fries, Chaatizza (Chaat + Pizza), Idli Chaat, Idli fries and many more. They are very much concerned about hygiene along with serving tasty food.

So, now you can get the “hygienic and tasty” food at the same time and at the same place which is a rarity when it comes to street food. For all the hygiene freaks out there who are missing out on these mouthwatering food items in the name of being healthy, they can get anything they crave for at Chatar Patar without a second thought. So, why waste time when you know where you have to go! Scoot now!


– Composed by Niharika Karoli