Go Heritage Run – Exploring scenic beauty and heritage sites through fun runs!


Running marathons is one thing and going for a jog is another thing. But go at your own pace while you discover some very famous heritage spots, says Go Heritage Run. Coming from the founder of GoUNESCO, the idea of Go Heritage Run was suggested to the founder, Ajay Reddy by a team member. 

After considering the idea, Ajay and his team started test runs in Hampi and Bidar. For the Hampi run in July, almost 50 people from different places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai travelled to Hampi to take part in the run. The test run in Bidar was conducted in November of the same year.

They also planned out 6 heritage runs for 2015 in advance. The first full-fledged run was organized in Hampi, Karnataka on 27 January, 2015. The city is quite popular for its rich heritage and scenic views. For the rest of 2015, runs were conducted in Hyderabad, Ooty, Udaipur, Bidar, Badami, and Warangal.

The idea is to promote heritage runs where runners can participate with their families. These are not races, but fun runs where everyone can walk or run through the trail, taking in views of historical sites,” Ajay explains.

The format of the runs is quite easy so that every age group can be comfortable with it. The runs are not time-bound and are conducted at heritage sites on Sundays. 5k, 10k, and half marathon(21 Km) are made available to the participants. Go Heritage Run has over 8,000 runners per year. In fact, three Go Heritage Runs have been listed as top scenic marathons by Conde Nast Traveller, a popular travel magazine.

Each run only costs a nominal sum of Rs 847 per each person and the registration fee, refreshments post-run, a kit with ‘Go Heritage RunT-shirt’, and bib along with a certificate and medal are all covered using this amount.

The team uses WhatsApp for getting in touch with the participants. For every run, a group is created for participants in every city and the link is shared with the participants to join the group. There fellow participants can get to know each other, plan about the run, discuss the history of that place, and so on. 

Our runs are meant to create a holistic experience for the runner. We weave in as many aspects of arts, crafts, culture, and heritage, as possible. Even our medals are inspired by the local craft and can be collected as souvenirs from a memorable run. Every design aspect of our runs is well-thought-out and meant to depict the essence of the heritage destination,” Ajay says.

The run destinations provided in their website include Hampi, Srirangapatna, Badami, Bidar, Halebidu, and Coorg in Karnataka; Khajuraho, Pench, Orchha, and Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh; Ooty in Tamilnadu; Hyderabad and Warangal in Telangana; and Udaipur in Rajasthan. Also, they provide many International Runcations(a vacation that involves sightseeing by running) which include Vietnam, Prague & Vienna, Bali, Jordan, Cambodia.

Ajay also thought of having training programs for the runners to ensure they are fit and ready for the scenic runs. He wanted to ensure that the experience is injury free to all the participants. Owing to this Ajay launched Goals.Fit to create awareness of fitness and health. Goals. Fit app can be installed to get updates regarding health and fitness.

This is one way to impress our vast heritage on your kids. We frequently arrange additional local experiences like bouldering in Hampi, watching a dance performance in Warangal, or walking the beautiful heritage town of Ooty to make our run a great vacation So what are you waiting for? Come to our runs,” Ajay says.


So what are you waiting for? Login to www.goheritagerun.com to register for the next run!