Igloopupa- Aparna Vinod offering a wide range of eco-friendly featured rentals!


Travelling and nature are two whole things that can’t be described in words. While nature liberates our soul, travelling does the same allows us to explore more of mother nature. We all are dreamers and often dream of visiting new places and doing our own set of little adventures. From playing in a treehouse as a child to lying on the grass under the moonlight, we always took comfort in nature.
Ever thought of resting in tree houses or farm barns rather than always being to routine hotels and resting areas? Resting in unique rentals is no more a joke and Igloopupa played a major role in transitioning this imagination into reality!

Igloopupa is an internet booking platform for eco-accommodating convenience, which was established in 2019 by Aparna Vinod. Igloopupa is a blend of two words – ‘igloo’ which means an ice-made, eco-accommodating asylum, while ‘pupa’ alludes to a caterpillar’s transformative life cycle to turn into a butterfly. The startup provides different experiences and navigates you through an authentic experience of nature-friendly living.

Brought up in Thamarassery village, North Kerala, Aparna is a woman entrepreneur recognized for her strive towards promoting and usage of eco-friendly and green items since 2010, she also has organized many expos to exhibit and sell green items from recycled materials.

In 2014, Aparna dove in to help the establishment of The Jackfruit Tree, which works in offering serviced villas in Kozhikode and Wayanad. In 2015, nations across the world met up to embrace the 2030 Plan for Sustainable Development. At the centre of this worldwide organization, lies the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which incorporate, among others, lessening neediness and hunger, continuing life beneath the water and ashore, responsible resource utilization and atmosphere activity. In 2018, Aparna chose to give up The Jackfruit Tree, and started fabricating an online travel booking stage focused on eco-accommodating enthusiastic travellers and nature lovers.

Aparna and her collective team coined a Sustainability Index Metric called as SIM, to assess the employability on eco-friendly sustainability practices with regard to water and waste control. With this as the very outset, the startup recognized around 150 green, eco-friendly and earth cognizant properties like homestays, ranch stays, tree houses, canopy tented stays, and campgrounds, and features 56 of them on its website up until now.

Sustainability must be quantifiable and open. At Igloopupa, they qualify and grade ecologically benevolent excursion rentals and assist voyagers with settling on better decisions for their remaining time.
Entrepreneur Aparna, also remarked that they also look into the food section on how the food is provided and where it is brought from and the startup makes sure that the food is organic and fertilizer free. Aparna while establishing the company had run in a difficult phase where she has gone through many adversities and never gave up with her determination in the unilateral chase.

Today, Aparna and her team are the exemplars in adhering the sustainable goals of 2030. They deliver quality and eco-friendly services and are successful in making the vacation experience, a memorable one.

Head to www.igloopupa.com right away to book your stay at a farm house, camp-site, treehouse and much more!


–  Composed by Tarun