Innolabz : The linking lab between knowledge, skills and livelihood!


Let me tell you a story! There is one guy named Aakash. Aakash used to be very studious from his childhood. His parents were always concerned about his future. They provided him every facility that they could. They enrolled him in every coaching class that was possible for them. Aakash got selected in a bunch of colleges. His parents helped him to choose the best college among them. Aakash got enrolled, worked hard during the four years of B.Tech and then, the placement season arrived. Aakash went in for the interview and was not selected. Aakash thought that he failed. But did he really fail? Or did the education system that he was embracing diligently over the years fail? Well, you got the answer!

This was not just the story of Aakash but of every middle-class student who has the only option of studying hard to achieve something in life. You will be shocked to know that the employment rate in India is only 2.55% which has gradually been decreasing over the previous years with the ever-increasing population. The youth is not getting jobs in spite of their good background. Giving answers to this problem, there exists a startup known as Innolabz based in Noida.

Innolabz started in January 2017 aiming to sabotage the root cause of unemployment in our country. It was started by two MBA graduates Mr.Saurabh Chaturvedi and Ms. Malvica Saxena. According to them, there lies a deep trench in between our education system and the industrial platform. And this trench is the major reason why students can’t cope up with the practical aspects of their career. Our teaching curriculum is not based on skill development but rutted learning that makes the students unfit for the real ground jobs. Grades alone are not enough and you need a certain set of skills to ace any interview.

Saurabh left his well paying job and invested his hard-earned pennies into the startup to make his dream come true. Saurabh and Malvica, now work with a team of 10 people to make it work. Apart from poor education, they think that the youth doesn’t have enough guts to step into the entrepreneurship world. They don’t have enough guts to start their own business which is the main reason for unemployment as there is no one to hire them.

Thus, the startup comes up with three programs:

  • Power2Career: Bring about innovation to abridge the gap between ‘acquired skills ‘ and ‘required skills;’
  • Power2Idea: Give proper knowledge about the business to people interested in startups and businesses.
  • Power2Dream: School integration program which helps to improve the basic knowledge of the students in schools.

The startup is helping a wide range of teenagers, entrepreneurs, professionals, wannapreneurs, and many more. They wish to see more entrepreneurs rather than youth wasting their time working for monotonous jobs. The startup is working in a direction to see much more budding startups in the future!

The startup also offers Internship programs for aspiring students looking forward to learn how a company works! So apply right away if you are looking for a productive internship this summer!


– Composed by Niharika Karoli