InUni – Connects Small Towns with Local Content!

Though you are staying in a metro city, you will always feel the bond and affection for your small town. When I was exploring various ways to stay connected to my hometown aka my birthplace, I found the easiest yet coolest way to get in touch with my place. InUni is a city content discovery platform startup. InUni is the result of the hard work by Shashank Rai, Ashutosh Singh, Abdullah Haq, and Anil Giri. The idea of InUni was conceptualized in 2017 and incubated in Amity Innovation Incubator Centre, Noida. InUni focuses on providing the user-specific information about a city on a real-time basis and lets people connect, discuss and share knowledge about the city on a mobile app. 

Co-founder Shashank Rai says, “The regional user looks for content primarily in the genre of entertainment news and sports. And that’s where InUni focuses”. Obviously the name InUni is the acronym for In-Universe. Other co-founder of InUni, Abdullah Haq explains the unique vision of InUni, stating it aims to create a digital platform for Indian cities focussed on mobile applications. Haq also says, their biggest driver of acquisition is word-of-mouth marketing, which has been instrumental in the success of this startup thus far. Once the user starts engaging on the platform, they will see their cities and they can share it with other people to make them aware their city has its own app. 

InUni city platform aims to serve for everyone, be it a native, tourist or someone who just moved to the city. They can find every interesting fact about their city in this application. They publish 20,000 articles per day. They promise to update their content every second, so that users don’t miss any story. Another exciting characteristic of this app is providing content all around the world on categories like news, entertainment and viral content. For now, this app is only available in Google play store. To download this app one has to type the city name after “In”, like “InVaranasi”.

Right now InUni is live in 60 cities. InUni comparatively has a daily active user base of about 3,000, monthly users around 12,000 and 30,000 downloads. InUni is turning small towns in India into tech and information hubs at their own level. Haq also said, urban people have much more global outlook but their profit depends on local sentiment. The user base of low-cost 4G and smartphones has exploded in small towns. He says, “In the next five years, we are going to see at least 300 million users come on board via smart phones. Of that 80% will be outside the urban cities”.

The InUni team believes social media is a powerful platform and that the true impact of social media on our society is undeniable. People can also share about their city in their own local language. This is an example of chasing dreams all the way and staying close to home. They started with 2 people and they are a now team of 8 employees. 

Thanks to InUni, I can stay in touch with people from my city and feel close to my home, even when I am not in my town.


– Composed by Shreya Roy