Everyone is searching for “Lookup” to experience a unique shopping twist!


In this data-driven globe of digitalization and applications that bring everything to your footsteps or I’d say your fingertips would be more appropriate, and yeah, everything is just one phone call away. Did you ever give a thought to the amount of risk hidden while exchanging your phone number in any app or delivery service? There’s no wonder that sharing your mobile number can bring you many threats!

Today’s innovation has its own risks hidden in it, bringing out innovation from subsisting innovation is where the doors of the next generation are accessible. With this as the very outset, ‘Lookup’ started connecting people.

Lookup is a free and secure informing application that fills in as a neighborhood shopping system interfacing you to nearby stores and organizations straightforwardly through text. The lookup will probably associate you to nearby stores which are the closest to you and visit those stores with specialists who can get you what you need very quickly!

Send a request for any booking or basic food item and it will be conveyed; demand for table reservations at lodgings, eateries or arrangements at spas, salons; demand for medications or complete clothing, purchase gadgets, and more with a solicitation.

Founded by Deepak Ravindran, Lookup is a Bengaluru-based startup, which has financial specialists like Twitter prime supporters, Business Stone and Infosys’ Kris Gopalakrishnan, was in the last strides of the company’s most recent round of subsidizing.

What’s more, the President and author of the hyperlocal messaging application, that permits organizations to interface with neighbourhood clients uncovers the declaration which can be normally under seven days.

When Deepak joined Lal Bahadur Shastri School of Engineering in Kasargod in 2005, Ravindran had verified that he would utilize it as a productive region to establish his own organization. He did as such in 2007, with three of his schoolmates. He developed it to the point that his startup was chosen by IIM-A’s accelerator program that vowed to hand out a reserve of Rs 3-5 lakhs and things reached a crucial stage for them.

The originators needed to move base to Ahmedabad, which implied a decision among college and the quickening agent and that made him drop out of his studies.
Today, nearby retailers have no real way to beat the gigantic limits offered by significant internet businesses without adjusting to better innovation. Lookup is the least difficult trade application, which makes these retailers obvious on the web and gets traffic. Lookup targets households and family units as its essential shoppers and furthermore utilizes emoticons on the visit stage to interface with the more youthful age.

In an interview, Deepak clarified that Lookup is presently working at making it simple and easy to utilize the application. He additionally told that they are fabricating progressively significant highlights in the Lookup Business Application which will enable nearby Retailers to deal with their stores online where one tap gets to installment, coordination, and everything else on like Lookup’s hyperlocal advertisement.

Lookup is currently a team of 90 individuals working in the few branches spread across four urban cities which are, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.


– Composed by Tarun