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Who doesn’t love artistic handcrafted goods? Making them available throughout the world is It is the internet market for artisans and corporations to promote their beautiful hand-crafted merchandise everywhere on the globe beneath their brand call, making sure that the customers get an outstanding buy at a fair rate.

They make sure that each one of the artisans are pretty tech ready to market their merchandise on an online platform successfully. The corporation allows products to be featured only after checking things like product snapshots, cataloging, and writing product descriptions thoroughly. Therefore, Megastores helps artisans to construct their logo and get liked and paid for their artwork.

The agency does everything in its power to help the artisans by various possible processes. Their team visits the artisans, makes their stories, and documents their craft. Additionally, they check the authenticity of the products and the artisan as well. This way, each product on Megastores is at once sold via the artisans with their stories.

Customers no longer have to worry about the quality and can recognize the amount of work that goes into art. They can even recognize the particular artisan and take a look at their memories carved in the craft. As the products are directly bought by the customers with no mediators, the customers get the goods at a modest price.

Though many groups are operating looking at the boom of the craft enterprise, the character efforts result in zero enhancements. Consequently, Megastore’s objective is to beautify the art more with fruitful collaborations as a means of bringing NGO aspects alongside the authorities on a diverse platform.

Kailash Tulsi Gajara is the brainchild behind Megastores. Hailing from Kutch in Gujarat, Kailash has an M.S in PC generation from USC in Los Angeles. Additionally, he has become the president of the affiliation of Indian students in his college. Kailash has hosted many events, such as the Lead India 2020 with India’s Missile guy, Late. Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Traditional art doesn’t necessarily pertain to handicrafts. It is the transmission of emotions of the artist through the skill he has while making the product. As Kailash belongs to Kutch, Gujarat, artwork grew to be a vital part of his lifestyle as he was surrounded by it in his early life. He feels that most of the handicrafts have their own memories, and as they’re now on the verge of extinction, those memories need to be documented.

In Rural India, handloom is the second biggest industry after agriculture. But the latest technology is unwilling to take the craft forward as, regardless of the efforts, artisans don’t earn much. According to Kailash, the average month-to-month earnings of an artisan is less than Rs. 5000. Due to this reason, in the past 30 years, more than 2 million artisans gave up their craft.

Also, artisans can’t begin their own stores as they do not have sufficient funds to do so. As an end result, they tend to market their pieces via craft exhibitions. However, they are no longer able to make cash out of such an exhibition owing to middlemen and are losing their unique identity.

Additionally, clients find it tough to spot proper artwork. Even the artisans are not paid properly and some crafts are duped via neighborhood makers. Most of the time, the customers come to buy articrafts but leave after they seem rudimentary. Owing to these problems, Kailash desired an answer for these kind of troubles that artisans face and because of this, Megastores was born.


– Composed by Rajasree