Mommy Cuddle – One solution for all maternity needs by Mourya!


“Mom”, the sweetest and the most soothing word one can ever listen to! The same way getting to be a mom or being a mom is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman in her lifetime. Women go through a lot during their maternity, owing to it either to hormones or thoughts or cravings for weird food or body insecurities, and likewise it could be anything. Every little thing matters to them during this period.

During their maternity, women have to be taken extra care of. It begins from their clothing to the maternity kit they need to carry everywhere along with them. Also, the post-maternity kit and baby products they need vary from one mother to another. In a country like India, there are not many companies or stores that focus on the maternity needs of women. This left women in the country with no choice but to use imported products which are overpriced.
After observing these scenarios, Rahul Mourya has come up with the idea of ” Mommy Cuddle”, a maternity products store that would operate 24 hours to serve the needs of a to be mom, and a new mom as well. Rahul worked at a pharmaceutical MNC when he observed that there are not many choices available for a woman during her maternity. That motivated Rahul to start MommyCuddle along with Rohit Mourya and Soma Chakraborty.

MommyCuddle is a store based in Howrah, that provides all the essential amenities to a woman during her gestation period. All the products at Mommy cuddle are customised as per the taste and comfort of their choice. At mommy cuddle, all the products are manufactured by themselves, this factor makes it easier for them to provide their materials at customer-friendly prices, unlike others.

Mommy Cuddle products include maternity clothing, diaper backpacks, zipper nursing tops, breastfeeding covers, backpacks to carry maternity essential kit, and what not! Everything a soon to be a mom or a new mom needs are available at Mommy cuddle. Mommy cuddles operate 24 hours a day to provide its services to women.

Later in 2018, Mommy Cuddle adopted Whatsapp business to expand their business and also to reach more number of women. Surprisingly, their idea to use Whatsapp has been bliss, as it helped them improve their business and also their services. Women who are shy about talking or discussing a few matters during pregnancy can use this Whatsapp service to connect with Mommy Cuddle and get questions answered and insecurities resolved.

The founder says that the average time they take to answer or respond to their customers on Whatsapp is within thirty seconds and that they are happy to able to provide such a service.

This is just a small example and we have found tremendous improvements in systems and processes because everything happens instantly and nothing is held up for any approval,” says Rahul, the founder of Mommy Cuddles.

They also claim that 25% of their revenue is used to treat children suffering from thalassemia. With the rate of their growth and gaining a loyal customer base, Mommy Cuddle is expected to come up with some cool new products to help all the moms and moms-to-be out there!


– Composed by Rajasree