MyUpachar – One stop for all home remedies and medical needs!


In today’s world, the constant need to work and earn enough have made people neglect their health and lead to chronic problems from a young age. This work environment has also made it such that people altogether neglect the need for consulting a doctor in person. This negligence made us to look for and adapt to a new way of tending to our health including adding ssential ingredients in our diet and interacting with health consultants without stepping out of the house.

In order to solve this problem and with the view of providing proper and affordable health services and recommendations to all classes of the population, Rajat Garg came up with “MyUpachar”. Rajat was a Stanford University graduate who was running an e-commerce venture called ‘Simply’. On that platform, they used to sell handicrafts and other materials. Health care tips were also provided on another platform named Ayurveda. Soon, Ayurveda started to contribute fifty per cent of their business earnings. This motivated Rajat to launch “MyUpachar”.

MyUpachar provides all the daily life tips and health care suggestions exclusively in Hindi. They focus mostly on tier two and three cities of the country as they are ones which need more care and affection. MyUpachar provides you with a wide range of information on home remedies to medical consultations. They came to the conclusion that people in a country like India are more willing and are looking for content and information to be provided in the native language, and moreover, all the information provided earlier in Ayurveda was in Hindi and it clicked off well with the customers.

Later Rajat was joined by his friend Manuj Garg, who is also a graduate from Stanford University. After completing his studies Manuj worked with Gates Foundation. By seeing the work of Rajat, Manuj was inspired and decided to join Rajat leaving everything behind. The duo says that they take the advice and prescription and remedies from doctors in English and convert it to Hindi. They later confirm the subject with doctors again to make sure that the content is not replaced or giving another meaning due to conversion from language to the other.

Quality healthcare content is virtually absent in vernacular languages. We launched MyUpchar in December 2016 and in just nine months, our traffic has grown to 2.5 million visits/month (run rate), showing the strong need for such content,” says Rajat the founder of MyUpachar.

MyUpachar claims to have around 350 million users out of which 200 million users seek the content in Hindi. They also expect the numbers to double in a span of the next five years. MyUpachar team says that they gain their income through ads. MyUpachar opinionates that women are mostly the biggest contributors to health in any family.

In rural and semi-urban areas, decisions for healthcare are driven by women in the house. We have heard of dadi ma ke nuskhe and we would like to capitalise on that, Our focus is on native content, a huge need that we are fulfilling,” are the words of Rajat.

MyUpachar claims that they are working relentlessly on providing better services through the app by proving information in another possible native language too.


– Composed by Rajasree