Phapa Technologies- assisting the unorganised workers to avail the benefits of government schemes.


India has a mixed economy and is the home for people of different levels and backgrounds. Despite all these backgrounds and statuses so far, we are still resembling our prominence displaying unity in diversity every now and then. Today we are still resting lavishly under a safe roof, which is because of the workers who have built our homes and offices. The government has been implementing many schemes and policies to aid them to sustain in the present scenario, but did you ever wonder if all the poor labourers were fully aware of them?

What if I say that the schemes offered by the government are reaching only a few percent among the poor. This shows how pathetic the current scenario is, so with the backdrop of refining this plight, Phapa Technologies was launched.

Established by Tareque Pirzada and Ashfaq Syed in 2018, Phapa Technologies uplifts the lives of poor workers across India by giving them access to government assistance plans. Phapa technologies aid people by notifying and making them aware of government schemes, benefits, etc., The organisation helps the unorganised workers to apply for benefits like labour funds, scholarships, insurances, incentives and many more to name a few.

The startup utilizes its system of contacts and mechanical ability to accomplish the benefits right from education to well-being and protection plans to ability advancement programs. Phapa loans lend its assistance to empower the poor and help them with financial aid. Over the most recent two years, the startup has onboarded, helped, and improved the occupations of in excess of a million people working in the less organised area.

Phapa Technologies has made a web stage to locally available people working in the sectors that include craftsmen, artisans, and development labourers. So as to bring issues to light among the workers and unite them, the startup sorts out effort battles through calls, WhatsApp, and open occasions.

The Bengaluru based startup’s co-founder Ashfaq explains

All that a labourer needs to do is pay a one-time exchange charge of Rs 250, register, and transfer a profile with subtleties, for example, name, age, relationship status, residency, occupation, and so forth. When this is finished, the calculations at the backend consequently maps and shows all the legislature and authoritative advantages the individual is qualified for. In the event that any labourer isn’t in a situation to pay the expense, we orchestrate sponsorships as well”.

The company is assisting people by providing a toll-free number to clarify the queries and guide them. The startup has even started a mobile van service to assist people who have no access to smartphones and has spread its wings to Bengaluru, Mysore, and Vijayapura.

Other than the schemes offered by the government, Phapa technologies have developed some schemes to avail some benefits to the unorganised sector.
Today the world is affected by the novel Corona Virus but the Phapa technologies with its co-founders and 22 members of the collective team are striving hard to raise funds online and collaborating with the government the company is distributing food and groceries to the needy.


– Composed by Tarun