– The perfect platform to showcase your photography talent dilse!

Passion is different for everyone. Passion makes people take wild decisions, makes people put efforts to have their wildest and almost impossible dreams come true! Such passion does sometimes sound weird to others. Passion can be anything, it can be cooking, dance, music, photography, and also entrepreneurship. Passion towards entrepreneurship was one such thing that motivated two young and amazing minds to come up with various startups in their early twenties.

As said earlier, the young and talented minds, Sudeep G Samanta and Shailesh Lad came up with the idea of Sudeep and Shailesh are graduates from the University of Mumbai. In the words of the founders of photodilse, they didn’t have any motivational story behind having to start photodilse. They say it was just a random idea that struck them while sitting in their college canteen one day.

At the time when it was founded, there were a group of people who were working on the maintenance of photodilse. Each of them took care of different articles. But as time passed by, only two of them were left.

Sudeep and Shailesh explain that the original concept of establishing photodilse was to gather photographers and sell their work through their platform and earn money. But soon, they realised that it required a lot of expertise and experience along with legal knowledge which they lacked .This made them turn their platform into a place where photographers can showcase their work and gain followers.

Photodilse works on gathering photographers and interviewing them and posting their work on their website. At first, it was difficult for them to explain the process and convince photographers to come on to their platform. Adding to this was the fact that only the two of them were taking care of this platform which has become hectic for them.

Despite all the difficulties, photodilse has carved its alcove in the entrepreneurship world. It has gained around 100,000 visitors with 750,000 page views by massing around 5000 photographers around the world in just seven months since its inception. Today photodilse has prominent photographers like Sudhir Shivram, Caras Lonut, Rohan Reilly, Elena Kallis, Gian Mark Quidasol, Osman Ghani, Sapna Reddy and the list goes on. The founders of Photodilse say that their biggest achievement is that they are able to make something that people are talking about today.

The duo says that their way of marketing their business is in their terms “auto marketing”, which is every time a user sends his/her link to someone, it helps improve their viewer’s range and reaches out to more population. They also confirmed that their source of gaining users is mostly through social media.

Founded in 2013, photodilse has been able to gain the essential loyal customer base and working on its way towards success. Despite being young and new to everything, the duo has been able to accomplish a lot and carve their name in the modern business world with their innovation and hard work.

Photodilse has become a path to enhance their career for many budding photographers by providing them with a platform to showcase their work and learn much more. They are likely to gain tremendous success in the near future.


– Composed by Rajasree