Quantificare- Pulse Active Stations that instantly give out your health stats!


Who remembers the machines in public places that used to calculate our weight after we insert one rupee? Ah, nostalgic right! Bringing back the nostalgia with a renewed purpose is Mr. Joginder Tanikella. This young entrepreneur came up with an idea that can quantify your health. 

Quantificare Health Stations was established in 2018 after Joginder realized the importance of quantification. The brand has it’s own line of machines that can quantify a person’s health by using Artificial Intelligence. These machines are known as Pulse Active Stations and were first installed at a metro station in Hyderabad in 2018. Since then, these machines were installed at 150 different locations across the country. Till date, 4.5 lakh people have interacted with the kiosks.

My idea was to make a machine, which one could easily access to get basic health indicators,” recalls Joginder.

The entire story is rooted to a personal experience in the founder’s life. As a techie, Joginder got little time to exercise and was keen to keep his body fit after getting his results from a medical health check- up. He was frustrated with the fact that he couldn’t get back into shape with the measures he took. But after he started using a fitness tracker, he realized the importance of quantification. As the tracker gave solid results, he could estimate if he was doing enough to reach his goal.

The day I started measuring myself on the impact of various exercises, I realised the importance of quantification,” says Joginder.

Making use of his skills and employing full stack and IoT, he started working on a health measurement device in early 2017. He aimed to provide results on various body parameters like height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, mineral content, muscle and bone strength, and body water content. His idea took a solid shape after a year and Joginder launched Quantificare Health Stations in 2018.

The pulse active stations are located at several places where there is a lot of hustle and bustle like metro stations, bus stands, and shopping malls. The kiosks provide the information at a lightning fast speed of 3-5 minutes and costs only a minimum of Rs 50.

The startup also came up with an app which makes it easier for the users to keep their health in check.

Our biggest USP is affordability and accessibility. We want to be very near to you and at a cost that is easy for you,” says Joginder.

However, Joginder remarks that the results generated by Pulse Active Stations are not final in any way. They just indicate the levels of fat, cholesterol and other parameters that are often key factors for a healthy body. They provide an early warning using the AI based recommendations engine. 

We are not competing with any diagnostic laboratory or hospital. Our services are complementary to them,” says Joginder.

As for the future, Quantificare aims to have their kiosks at 11,000 locations. This provides employment to as many as 8,000 people. They also plan to add some more health parameters on the machine. The healthcare startup has even collaborated with various other companies for the propaganda of their devices. A new-age insurance startup, sports goods company, and a diagnostic lab chain are a few among the list.