SurveySparrow- Shihab making surveying experience easy and enjoyable!


With the booming technology that comes with its own set of pros and cons, we always intend to be the recipients of its fruits by all means. Seeds are the most annoying things while eating fruits, but we never stop eating them. Like the seeds, we always come across many surveys in social media which we usually skip and hesitate to answer all those questions. But do you know that surveys help in building the performance of any company or an App to satisfy its users to the fullest?

Surveys help in understanding the customers, assessing their thoughts and needs, their requirements and all other, but we never answer them and feel that they are a waste of time.
In this scenario, a Kochi-based Start up, “Survey scenario” came up with a winning idea to engage the customers to answer the questionnaire. Set up in the year 2017 by Shihab Muhammed, founder and CEO of survey sparrow, in his personal experience, he always used to put off the surveys whenever he came across them and that was the most common thing people do as it’s a basic human instinct to avoid them.

SurveySparrow has been cold booted in 2017 with 5 members and 2 other friends of Shihab with a sum of 3 lakh rupees. The ultimate goal of the start-up is to ennoble the surveying method with conversational skill and making it feel less as a meddling element.
The start-up enabled the users to take surveys both offline and online. When the responses are gathering from the target audience, an undeniable investigation module carves and groups the information to determine important bits of knowledge. The responses module, web snares, and API, target helping organizations to close the questionnaire circles with their clients. The stage has a worked-in robotization framework that permits associations to oversee client experience overviews, employee work and pulse studies, and market input studies.

The company has entirely changed the process of handling surveys and made it as easy as a pie with the innate ability to transform a boring and time consuming process into an amazing one. SurveySparrow has taken surveying experience to next level with the help of conversational surveys and letting customers to answer and share them via whatsapp and SMS.
Like every other start-up, the founder Shihab has put up with many struggles like raising funds and doing the technical research. But he stood strong and overcame all the hurdles by raising a funding amount of $1.4 billion from Prime venture partners in 2019.
Today, with a team of around 50 members collectively, SurveySparrow cases to have directed a large number of overviews within excess of 20,000 clients in 108 nations. A portion of the startup’s customers consolidate corporate companies like DiDi, PaySafe, FedEx, Deloitte Digital, SAP, and Siemens. With the foresight, SS currently intends to serve the mid-advertise where organizations need a component rich arrangement yet might not have the spending limit for an endeavor offering.
Ultimately, with the legation and mission, SurveySparrow’s target in the coming year is to expand and gain one Lakh clients across the globe with all the collective efforts of the team.


– Composed by Tarun.