TagMango – Get a chance to gain a shout-out from your favorite celebrities and increase your reach/network!

Just imagine having a personalized shout-out video from your favorite celebrity, influencer or actor in your mobile gallery. Amazing..! Isn’t it? Celebrities becoming social media influencers to promote various brands is now an old school fashion. Celebrities as influencers promoting their own brands and themselves are the new fashion. So, let’s get on track with this new fashion and see what’s in there.

The industry of social media influencing is booming and expanding with the growing obsession with brands and personalities. Extending this thought further, Divyanshu Damani and Mohammad Hussain came up with “TagMango”. TagMango helps fans and businesses to connect with actors, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers to promote their business and makes a business out of it.

It all started in 2017 when Divyanshu Damani, who was a motivational speaker, decided to create his own brand name by having his own show. For that to happen he had to push 700 tickets to be sold. Then to meet the target, he came up with an idea which included identifying around 100 people with enough followers on social media and offer them a free ticket for posting about his show on their social media. This turned out good as he made 65% of sales this way.

Divyanshu himself being a motivational speaker and social influencer put two and two together and came up with “TagMango” by joining hands with Mohammad Hasan in 2019. At first, their pilot runs were connecting businesses to nano-influencers to help them promote their business. Later, after looking at the changes in the industry, they came up with the concept of shout-outs in February 2020. TagMango is now glooming with success by tying up with brands like Hershey’s, Bounce and Raw Pressery. It has signed up more than 200 influencers and celebrities. The list includes cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal, TV actor Shakti Arora, Roadies winner Kashish and film actor Tanaz Irani.

In their website, the customers can search and click on their favourite celebrity Influencer, make the payment and let them know what is to be included in the shout-out. The customer will receive the shout-out video within 7 business days. The price for shout-outs can be customized, and TagMango receives a commission of 25 percent.

The main objective behind starting up TagMango is to make influencers the fulcrum of our business. Over time, we want to generate multiple revenue streams for them,” Hasan says.

TagMango has been craving its niche in the sector with its dedicating and loyal customer base. In February they were able to cloak over $150,00 in GVM and $37,000 in revenue, which is almost 400% bigger than the previous month. With the current growth rate and craze for celebrity influencers in the country, TagMango is expected to reach a global market and sign up eminent Indian influencers and growth their reach and business viability.

If you want your brand to receive a shout-out from one of the celebrity you know, make sure to try Tag Mango.


– Composed by Rajashree