Transerve technology – The realm of Geospatial technology envisioned by Amarsh and Ashwani!


The modern era has come up with a boon that whoever lives lavishly is not frowned upon, and whoever wants to spend time liberally and moving around very profusely can absolutely do it without much thought. Traveling and managing assets has become one such major challenge in some cities across the globe. The growth and
updates in the field of Geo-spatial technology made the above task as easy as possible like never before. Did you ever hear about cartography? People in ancient times used to carry a huge chart to navigate the location but now Entrepreneurs made it as easy as a pie, and Transverse is one such company that can manage assets, visualize geographies intricately with great ease.

Founded in the year 2009, at a time when people started using their smartphones and tablets for finding things around, Transverse with its co-founders Amarsh Chaturvedi and Ashwani Kumar and a team of cartographers started making it easier for people in the cities to find eateries, hotels and many other destinations to name a few.

Amarsh and Ashwani are two intellects who never aspired for smooth careers. They were placed in MNCs with huge salaries. But eventually, they started Transverse, with a vision to enter into the Geomatics that utilize digital mapping technique and processes geographic information to allow the customers to manage things like manholes, water supply lines, tanks, electrical network, substations, transformers and many more.

The company discovered the aptitude of geographical inputs in the process of decision making after their practicum in one of the eminent domains like Defense Research and Development Organization(DRDO). Transverse technology was the belief of the long-standing school dream of the co-founders. In 2012, Transerve was adjudged one in every of the finalists for “The Power of Ideas” — India’s largest startup exploratory survey competition, sponsored by the Dept. of Science & Technology (Govt. of India) and controlled by CIIE in collaboration with The Economic Times. The Entre Club at IIM Ahmedabad recently had a chance to interact with Amarsh and Ashwani, and both the co-founders had some fascinating insights to share.

Coming to the products, the start-up has two distinct products and solutions like map based products and survey based solutions. Transerve Technologies breathe in  hyperlocal info systems company that utilizes geographic intelligence to solve basic urban issues. They work with municipal firms in enhancing the government & revenue assortment and manage it effectively for providing higher national services,” says Amarsh, a 29-year-old technologist from IIT Kanpur who happens to be the co-founder of Transverse Technologies.

Their solutions encourage clients to oversee their entire workforces, gather and investigate information, oversee water assets, give and dispersion foundation and in the end encourage them screen quality and sum up all of it on a time-frame premise.

As every move needs locations, the company has many features like civic tech that drives cutting-edge urban procedures with the aid of integrating vicinity intelligence by the usage of their ever-powerful CityOS platform, built on the geospatial stack. The platform streamlines day after day, all the complicated operations in the city. Transverse technologies also has features like revenue and sales augmentation that perfectly suit spatial analytics and gadgets that help cities and governments to understand the actual revenue potential and plug leakages. Not limiting to this, it also has information collection tools that customize the cells that are primarily based on records collection and storing platform. Internet Geospatial Engine is one such feature that has an effective and completely configurable internet mapping platform ready to use device package for on the fly spatial evaluation.

With their geo-spatial technology, the company is also helping state governments to curb COVID-19 in the hyper-local locations of the nation.


– Composed by Tarun