TREAT AT HOME – One stop solution for better health!


“Health” is the greatest possession. Many times, we neglect our health due to daily activities. We get immersed in work and forget that, if we have to work our health must be the priority first. In this modern era, people tend to find easy and quick solutions to all problems but they neglect the precautions in safeguarding health. Even on the brightest days, we may fall sick. Over the years, the importance of health has been portrayed through movies, social media etc.

As said earlier, there is a wide range of technological advancements. Thus leading to online ordering of even the minute of stuff that is required at home. The food, clothing, accessories, home decor, etc. are all available online. But what about the most necessary service during an emergency?

Healthcare is the most important necessity during an emergency. Nevertheless, it is not available to the most remote areas, regardless of the online health services that a few companies offer. “TREAT AT HOME” is that organization which was founded by Dr. M Saleem Mohamed, at age 50 who had completed his MBBS from Madurai Medical College. This organization has made an advancement in the field of healthcare. According to Dr. Salim, there are a lot of NRI patients consisting of elderly people. These patients get their surgeries done in India, and after a while they return back to abroad. After treating the elderly people, he had realized that healthcare is required to all, and thus “TREAT AT HOME” was started.

With the help of technological services, this health tech was started on 18th April, 2018. In aggregating health care “ treat at home” provides eight different kinds of healthcare services which include, home doctor visits, nurses, caretakers, home physiotherapy sessions, ambulance booking, medicine delivery, and diagnostic services.

It also enables users to book hospital appointments prior to their visits. For the convenience of users, this app consists of different language settings for an easy understanding.

As controlling objects or things with a remote is easier with technology, “treat at home” is working on remote monitoring technology which will be helpful for the doctors to observe the patient even if he is physically far away.

During this pandemic COVID-19, apps like this, are much needed for society. Also, there has been a 40% boost in online bookings during this pandemic. This app though competing with various other online health services has been the most used in recent times.

It also reaches out to the most remote places and provides healthcare services. As Dr. Salim said, this app has only been available in the southern part of India, and in the ongoing years, it aims to be available in the entire country. This app is especially beneficial for nuclear families, and this “treat at home” is like amazon in providing health services. By using healthcare services apps, sometimes there might be a bridge between the doctor and patient. But TAH ensures there will be no gap and that the patient is in good hands.


– Composed by Rajasree