TruePush : Giving you a true push with lifetime push notifications for free!


There was a time when we used to receive text messages on our mobile phone and notification services from famous brands and products. There used to be catchy text messages or texts about the status of a product or service. But this trend slowly changed and now we easily get free notifications on our mobiles and laptops from Apps without even wasting a single penny. So, it’s a matter of thought that exactly where this change came from.

And one of the best answers that I remember to this is a startup that came into existence recently in 2018. TruePush, whose foundations were put in a startup leadership programme meet where its two founders, Ravi Vaka and Manoj Surya, met for the first time. They both had somewhat similar plans and thus, decided to put their skills to use by founding this venture.

TruePush offers feature-rich, high volume notifications for web & mobile, deep analytics, and easy-to-use dashboard. It hopefully targets to dominate the normal push notifications completely.

Ravi Vaka is the Head of Customer Outreach & Success of TruePush while Manoj Surya is the Head of Product for the company. Ravi Vaka oversees Customer Outreach, Customer Success,  Customer Service, and Quality Assurance Team and focusses on providing free push notifications to its customers for a lifetime.

The startup is based in Hyderabad and currently has 9 full-time members working for it. Some of the features that the startup provides to its customers are :

  • Unlimited Notifications, Campaigns, and Websites
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Supports HTTP & HTTPS
  • Multi-browser support
  • Preview in different devices
  • 2-way Opt-in
  • RSS To Push
  • Rich Push Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • TTL & Expire of notifications
  • Website and campaign wise analytics
  • Tags
  • Custom Segmentations
  • Predefined Segmentation
  • Smart Triggers
  • Templates

As of now, most of the users belong to E-commerce, blogging, and media houses. However, on asking about the customer type, it came to our knowledge that any user having a genuine online presence can use this app or service to get free unlimited push messages. Talking about their revenue model for the future, they already have plans to monetize their future either by connecting users’ cookie data to that of advertising partners, or by charging a low price from their users on other add-ons with the help of re-engagement tools and thus, delivering free push notifications.

There are 654 million websites in the world and five million apps, and everyone can be our customer. Anyone with an online presence, be it a website or an app, is our customer,” says Ravi, who is an IIT-Kanpur alumnus.
The first thing Ravi does every day after waking up is to check the number of signups they get. There are times when signups don’t come but they usually don’t panic and unwind themselves with two cups of tea or a cricket match, and then, they are done with it. The one mantra that they usually follow is “Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner” to have no disappointments in life and so should every entrepreneur because, without this weed of failure, there lies no fruit of success.
– Composed by Niharika Karoli