Utter- English learning App with a blended model by EdMobile Labs!

We all are familiar with platforms that help us hone our communication skills, but none of them truly offer interactive learning and come across as coercing. Whereas Utter, a mobile learning app by EdMobile labs facilitates the user with byte sized and interactive learning. The app was first launched in 2018 on the Google Play Store as a paid app.

It all started when Ninad quit his job at IL&FS and became a tutor at Teach India. One observation he made here was that reading English was smooth for the students whereas they struggled with writing and speaking. Before a week passed, two of his students dropped out as they couldn’t catch up with the pace. This prompted him to start a WhatsApp group and there he learnt that students were much more confident to speak and learn English when it wasn’t demanded of them to step out of their comfort zone. This observation paved way for the basic concept on which the Utter App runs today.

I noticed that this wasn’t a problem of language, but of self-esteem, where they couldn’t express themselves. If you put learning on chat, it’s easy because of the byte-sized nature of the conversation. If you want to learn fluency, you have to be in a conversational ecosystem. English learning is not just about language learning, it’s about building personality, job opportunities and self-esteem” he says.

But owing to Ninad’s experience in the education sector, he felt that technology wasn’t enough to guide the learners and human interaction too, was essential. This led him to dedicate two years completely to R&D and during this period, he came up with the blended model which consists of chatbots and live tutors. Finally in 2018, Utter app was launched on Play Store, along with co-founder Amit Bhadbhade.

Utters offers caters to the needs of individuals that fall under the age group of 18-35. Some of their packages include Utter English (Rs 249/year), Utter Multilingual (Rs 199/year) and Utter Whitelabel (Blue Collar workforce training). The App prioritizes user convenience to the utmost and hence provides the user with a choice to learn English in 8 different vernacular languages. Also, another feature of the Utter App that needs a mention is the self-paced learning which accommodates every student to learn and grow at their own pace. When in doubt, Utter provides the user with meanings, definitions and translations to make learning easier for them.

On the platform, learning is done through chatbots with byte-sized, 10 minute interactive sessions and to attend to the doubts that arise, live tutors are present and whenever a query is sent, they clear the doubts of the learners. Ninad always wanted Utter to be a platform of high standards and therefore instead of making it a free app, he chose to launch it as a paid app. He strongly believes that paid users are essential to receive honest feedback.

When you charge for the app, people tell you exactly what’s wrong. In edtech, if you have a free model, you can rarely build a great product

Utter has raised Rs 9.5 crores across four rounds from angel investors and Unitus Ventures. Utter has been awarded the top 10 edtech startups at the Next Billion Edtech Prize 2019 and was also one of the top 15 startups selected that were featured in Google Accelerator Program. Also, Utter stands as the app with the highest rating under online learning on Google Play. For the future, Ninad says that they aim to reach 7.5 crore users in the next three years and are bent upon growing to 10 times of what they are now.

I personally tried the Utter App and found the programs very rewarding thanks to the interactive learning. So what are you waiting for? Download the Utter App from Play Store right now and refer it to those who can make use of the app!