Ventallout, a social platform for Freedom of Expression!


Are you frustrated with your hectic office schedule or simply with your colleagues? Ever felt that you need to vent it all out on something that does not harm you? Then you’re in the correct space because Mr. Sumit Mittal felt the utter need to create something as exciting as a platform where you can vent all your feelings.

Sumit Mittal founded VentAllOut in the year 2018 as a beta version. It is a platform where one can share their feelings, comments, frustration, and opinions anonymously. The idea behind VentAllOut is to relieve people from stress and provide a platform for mental wellbeing and create a society that is free from anxiety and frustration.

The idea of this venture came from observing our today’s situation where everyone is attempting to depict a fake image or emotion of oneself on different popular social sites.

The media leaves you with a lot of questions unanswered since they show what gets them the highest TRP. Facebook has become a bragging network where people flaunt their expensive gifts or lavish vacations, WhatsApp groups are biased and the members troll people for having a view so on and so forth. Whereas there is no platform where people can share their feelings, frustrations, emotions without the fear of being judged- without the fear of having a bias or being branded,” Says Sumit explaining the problem that VentAllOut intends to solve.

While there has been an ongoing appearance of places in India and around the world where everyone is expressing their anger by smashing old TV, refrigerator or cutlery to release their frustration, the VentAllOut team believes that frustrations cannot sit tight for you to travel across the place so they created an online place for the public to release anger instantly and thus VentAllOut came into being to let you vent your pent up emotions. People may have to pay to smash their TV, but VentAllOut is rewarding them in terms of points and awards for venting out. 

This amazing platform works when a user signs up on the platform (on Android, iOS or Web) using Facebook, Google ID, or an email ID without any membership fee. The user can participate in ‘VPolls’ in their platform, where the user’s opinion is heard. Users can also share their frustration through the “Create Vent” button where there are various easy ways of venting out so be it creating your own frustrating experience or incidence or fetching a news link which the users want to comment on or posting a picture of something frustrating that they saw which irked them. For every action on the platform, users are rewarded points and awards. These rewards can range from small-ticket vouchers to big holiday experiences. 

Quality of content sits at the heart of the platform. The VentAllOut team focuses a lot on making sure that the users get access to content that enriches their lives and they derive something back from the interaction they have on the platform. In order to ensure that the content is rich and refined, VentAllOut has developed an algorithm that does profanity checks. There is a minimum character count for writing the posts so that users write a meaningful sentence to share their mood.

The USP of VentAllOut is creating a community based on interest and not the user which means the users don’t follow other users but follow the interest of other users.

VentAllOut’s business model is very simple yet robust. They want to generate enough and relevant data points from user-generated content so that they can assimilate them into meaningful data. They will generate interesting user data, and use it for emotion-related ads and marketing campaigns on the platform. 

Besides this, the startup is also seeing a lot of interest from psychologists and counselors who want to partner with VentAllOut, which may add a business stream in the future.

VentAllOut is targeting to have at least five million users in the next 18 to 24 months. They are also looking for seed and Pre-Series A funding.

Just coming from voting on a Vpoll, I strongly suggest you to vent it all out if you are having a bad day at work or going through a rough patch right now! Comment and let us know about your experience on VentAllOut!