Wish your favourite dish with the help of WishADish!


Feedback is really important in any kind of conversation that focuses on improvement, even when it’s about a restaurant owner and the customer. Positive feedback can help in creating a positive brand reputation or a brand image. On the other hand, a happy customer’s dining experience can also help in building customer relationships. There’s nothing better when a restaurant understands your love for food and considering it, listens to what you want. WishADish; a one-stop management solution for the restaurants has a new indigenous idea and a unique style of feedback through technology. This Delhi-based restaurant management platform WishADish includes cloud-based POS billing, inventory management, CRM, Third-party management, and marketing management. 

WishADish introduced the feedback management system through tablets. This tablet is also used to place the order and KoT delivery. Thus while waiting for the bill, customers can rate their experience, share, and refer their views to their friends and families. These inbuilt technologies help the owner to track their feedback and follow the food trends. As the co-founder of WishADish Sawan Kumar said he expedited the feedback process through technology, Bhavya Bhambhani, another co-founder said the restaurant must be focused on the food and let the technology handle the rest of the business.

Bhambhani also added, “ In India, it is very common that if you like a particular food of a particular restaurant, you will recommend it to your close friends. But it is a slow process and may take several months. WishADish, on the other hand, provides instance references thus building brand loyalty.”

The fabulous idea of this restaurant management platform escalated after the founders’ association with the corporate world. While working for KPMG, Bhavya and Sawan both have two years of experience as an audit associate and auditor respectively. With the knowledge and experience of management software, they decided to establish a startup. Thus it all started and WishADish was launched in October, 2018. The startup headquartered in Delhi with the management team of 28 employees and the technical team was positioned in Kochi, Kerala. 

The main focus of WishADish was always on the Tier II & III towns. The founding duo admitted that the most difficult part of this startup was “educating the market of India”. Convincing the vendors and clients in tier II & III towns to consider this restaurant management platform and make them understand about the facilities of this was far more difficult. They added, “We educated them about the benefits of this robust tech, easy usage and the usage of data that helps in operational costs.” 

WishADish now collaborates with more than 54 cities all around the country. This amazing restaurant management platform has a strong presence in 14 cities across the country including Lucknow, Sonipat, Jaipur, Udaipur, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Shimla, Salem, etc. In the near future, the company aims to be the one-stop solution for restaurants pan-India, while focusing on the single outlets with low-tech penetration. They promise to have a presence and increasing foot-print all over the world. 

On December 9, 2019, WishADish raised INR 60,00,000 ( around $84K) from a group of angel investors having their portfolios in various industries including cosmetics, real estate, apparel, etc. One interesting and out of the box feature of WishADish is that they claim to offer a flexible payment structure. They call it ‘Pay as you bill’. Indian restropreneurs will experience this feature for the first time. They promise a response in an hour that is quickest in the market at present.

With the funds coming in, the fund raised will be utilised for hiring strong sales forces across India. We plan to grow to more than 50 sales forces including the in-house sales team, outsourced sales hackers, and channel partners. We plan to target 1200 closures in 2020 thus adding more than 400 F&B clients in the next 6 months.” said Sawan Kumar. 

WishADish assures you to find your meals around with a variety of options and nicer quality and promises to help you to live life with a full tummy and a fuller heart. Join me as I start to wish for a dish with WishADish! 


– Composed by Shreya Roy