Platform to connect and share the research based projects – Acadmaze


“Education has shaped me as a person I am today. I am convinced that it’s the most powerful tool to change the world”, says Divyansh, who built a platform Acadmaze to bridge the Industry-Academia collaboration and bring students from tier 2, tier 3 colleges at par with those of tier 1 colleges.

Acadmaze connects professors and research students with companies to engage in project-based collaborations. This is a platform where one can post (say) a short term machine learning project and can find the student/professor group from academia to work on the same.

The projects can range from Computer science, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Material Science and other engineering domains. Moreover, one can stay updated with the new commercializable research and scientific events going on in the academic institutions by making a profile on the platform. Independent researchers can post their product based innovations for the world to see. They are currently operational at IIT Delhi and planning to expand to other institutes super soon.

It is a platform where research projects and different works can be share & learn from students to academic professors to industrial experts. 

The distribution and adaptability of the idea are one of the biggest problems faced by them and now they are currently planning to expand to other universities. We are planning to reach 50 universities in India and nearly 200 universities across the world with a total user base of above 5 million within the next 5 years. 

“If you are not working hard on your idea, then you will lose interest in what you are doing”, says Divyansh Mathur

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