Gopi Raja designed a drone for farmers to spray pesticides!

“There is a scope for an innovative brain to bring a rapid change in the way we perform traditional farming,” says GOPI RAJA the founder of Fopple Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

How often do we look at a problem and think of how good would it be if it had an alternative? But in reality how often do any of us try to bring out that alternative? 

Well, Gopi Raja or rather Drone Raja as we’d like to call is one such person who belongs to the latter category. 

To begin with, Gopi Raja is a  B.Tech graduate, who successfully developed a drone prototype for agriculture pesticide spraying. Raja’s father is a farmer whose health got deteriorated after manually spraying fertilizers on their farms. Raja wanted to bestow an innovation that would just do the duty of his father without any side effects. This propelled  Raja to put together his creativity and develop a remote-controlled aircraft with multi-rotor technology. It is a device designed to spray pesticides in the absence of farmers during the process and is operated by scheduling tasks on a trajectory. The entire process is programmed and recorded on a laptop as well. 

The drone designed by Raja was initially oriented towards crop spraying. But later, the scope of the invention was expanded by identifying applications associated with drone technology in conjunction with the precision farming methodology. The invention satisfies the diverse needs of agricultural workers such as Fumigation, spreading seeds, collecting data from plantations, protects farmers’ health and contributes to the planning of sowing cycles, harvesting, and crop rotation.

The prototype marketed is operated by radio frequency which has tanks with a capacity of up to 5 liters and a battery of 1000 MaH. The intelligent design and triangulation drone-satellite-laptop allow the drone to follow the programming and execute the tasks it is instructed to do autonomously. The user should use his computer or smartphone to operate the drone and it will work without the need for remote controls when it is in the air. 

He has developed two models i.e., Drone Raja 1.0 with a capacity of 10 liters that can spray pesticides on 30 acres of land and Drone Raja 2.0 with a capacity of 20 liters that can spray pesticides on 70 acres of land.

The estimated price of the Fopple Drone is between 2.5 and 3 lakh rupees. The performance of the equipment in the fumigation process is 2 acres in 30 minutes operating autonomously. For the mapping tasks, the drone works in an interface with the computer recording the number of fruits, their level of ripeness and the specific location of the plants that contain fruits ready to be harvested. Floriculture farms can also be monitored using these drones.

“Many students innovate, but not all of them are being encouraged. That’s the missing element. If students were encouraged at every level, by today, we would have had more than 100 Abdul Kalams in our country,” says Raja in an interview.

This left me thinking if I should bring out my inner Raja whenever I encounter a problem next time! 

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