Green Worms- a Kerala based company changing the outlook on waste management!


The term ‘waste management’ might invoke images of a messy business in less than ideal conditions in your mind. But the Kerala based company ‘Green Worms’ is here to tell us otherwise and show that being a part of the waste management industry is as dignified as being in any other industry. Green Worms is a social impact-oriented waste management company established by Jabir Karat in 2014. Just in 5 years, these ‘Green Worms’ have managed to wiggle to the top in the waste management industry.

Jabir comes from the town of Thamarassery in Kozhikode district of Kerala. After finishing his schooling, Jabir pursued his graduation and post-graduation in Delhi. Galvanized by environmentalists like Sunderlal Bahuguna, he started to work for the betterment of the environment. For his enthusiasm and zeal, Jabir was selected for Gandhi Fellowship provided by the Kaivalya Education Foundation of New Delhi. He opted for a challenging environment and worked in the slums of Mumbai. He interacted with different people, visited dumping yards and learnt about the various operations in the urban waste management industry.

After college and the Gandhi Fellowship, I decided to work in the development sector. I did a bit of travelling and research to understand problems our country is going to face in the coming decade, and I found that unscientific garbage disposal is a relevant issue that needs to addressed and can potentially be a future social business,” says Jabir.

Green Worms was established in Kozhikode in the year 2014 as a startup that focuses on the scientific garbage disposal. The company started off the capital of Rs 5 lakh with a team of 5. Currently, the company generates a revenue of Rs 7 crore and has created over 140 jobs. What is noteworthy is that the company has managed to expand their business to Kochi, Chennai, and Hyderabad without receiving a single penny of investment from external sources. Over the years, the company has transformed into a self-sufficient and sustainable player in the waste management industry.

Where conventionally the job of a company is to pay their employees, Green Worms also aids their employees in times of a financial crisis. Taking it up a notch, the company is also looking forward to implementing health insurance and other benefits for their employees soon. Green Worms is currently expanding the number of jobs they provide and are looking for candidates throughout India to tuck in dynamic individuals to the existing diverse team.

Currently, a large part of their services are extended to apartments, school canteens, shopping malls, complexes, gated communities, public institutes and individual homes as well. In addition to extending scientific waste management, Green Worms also offer composting solutions to to homes and businesses, as well as event waste management services for weddings, conferences and exhibitions.

‘Green Worms’ stands out from the rest by taking up waste management in challenging environments like coastal areas and vulnerable climatic regions. They mostly concentrate on plastic mitigation in such areas and provide employment to the local people who have seasonal jobs. By this move, they are impacting the environment in a positive way and also providing a full-time job to local people all around the year. GW also encourages local women to step out of their homes and take up waste management.

Also, to educate people on conscious disposal of waste, team GW provides training in educational institutes and municipal waste management consultancy to local city corporations. They charge a monthly fee to process the waste depending on the quantity and the type of waste to be treated. They also draw a bit of revenue by reselling products like individual household composters, community composters and eco-friendly cutlery that instill the concept reduce-reuse-recycle among households too!

On the occasion of their 5 year anniversary, strongly believing that there’s still a lot of untapped potential in the sector of waste management, the company came up with the ‘Entrepreneurship Development Program for Waste Treatment & Waste Management’. Through this program, they look forward to shape and propel young entrepreneurial minds by helping them getting started with the business and guide them on how to generate revenue. They already ushered an upcoming company in Kerala and are enthusiastic to guide other startups especially working in coastal areas and climate-vulnerable regions.

The company operates in various regions including Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Lakshadweep and soon will be starting their work in Andaman& Nicobar Islands. At the end of the day, the company aims to impact the environment positively while throwing a light on the fact that if waste is properly dealt with, it can be turned into wealth!

Head to to avail their scientific waste disposal services and do reach out to them if you happen to be an upcoming startup in the waste management sector!