Koyakal, a Tribal Art Company making handmade eco-friendly materials using gourds!


Koyakal, The Art of Tribal King, designs uniquely handcrafted Eco-Friendly products that are simple and serene yet vibrant. Koyakal aims to bring green technology into its life form without compromising the human needs along with a lovable experience. Koyakal is a Socio-Economic startup that aims to build a bridge between tribals, rural farmers and urban civilization.

Koyakal was founded by Govardhan, graduate from NID Hyderabad in the year 2018. He attended a program at Ravindra Bharati where he got inspired by the dance performance of a tribal community. He’s the designer for a tribal welfare project taken up by IIT Hyderabad where he helped to market the tribal products.

When I saw the community’s dance, I was struck by its uniqueness, though the performers didn’t even have good costumes. When I decided to do some research on the community by hanging out with them, I got to know more about their history. One day, I saw a tribal carry a water bottle made of gourd and wondered what else could be made with it and did research on them and came up with this firm” says Govardhan in an interview. 

The Soul for their products rests with the raw materials that they source from the Tribal clans namely Koya Tribe(Northern part of Andhra Pradesh), Gond Tribe(Southern part of Chattisgarh), Tribal Artisans from Bastar Region, Rural farmers along Bhima river and Rural villages in Southern part of Ananthapur(slow-growing desert). They support the remote tribe and rural villagers financially so that Brain Drain doesn’t happen by encouraging their Art. 

The products generated Rs 4 lakh at the exhibition in Bengaluru. As ours was a test run, not all products were made from materials supplied by the community. We are only experimenting and so bought supplies worth just a few thousand rupees from them,” he said, but quickly added that the designs inspired by the subaltern group held great promise.

Koyakal has also signed an MoU with the tribal community seeking supply of raw material including bottle gourds and palm leaves for making ropes to hang planters. They also train the community to hone their skills to make household articles that can be sold directly.

Koyakal’s research resonates with every new category of products. They have started with Gourd Planters and then their path continued towards Gourd Lamps, Gourd Clocks, Gourd Gramophone Speakers, Flower vases, Ear Rings. 

“Chemicals and shortcuts are our enemies. We aim at replacing today’s Daily Utilities which can harm our mother earth with Koyakal crafts. One Design One Product is our primary motto. We proudly say that 100% of our products are unique ones. They are perfect gifts for your Loved ones to express your feelings as you are just that one of a kind person same as this product,” says Govardhan. 

So the next time you are gifting your loved ones, try gifting Koyakal products which are unique with a peppy tribal twist and are environment friendly as well!