Naturevibe Botanicals- enhancing the wellness of customers through all natural products!

Connecting with an international friend on a Skype call the other day, I was surprised when he started mentioning products like yacon root powder, herbal teas and turmeric powder. After a few set of questions, I came to know that he was using Naturevibe Botanicals products. Upon opening the website out of curiosity, I ended up learning a lot about the company and its founder. A management graduate and a health enthusiast, Rishabh Chokhani launched Naturevibe Botanicals in 2017.

Rishabh’s immense passion for health and wellness stems from his own journey of transformation from being obese to being fit. Pursuing his passion, Rishabh started operations in India under a subsidiary of Naturevibe Botanicals, with an investment of $4 million. Dealing with business was natural for Rishabh as his family was involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing and exports, research and development of compounds, distributors of cosmetic chemicals. A step slightly ahead than pharmaceuticals, Rishabh ventured into the organic market.

“I was a junk food lover from the start and, not surprisingly, was an obese child. As I grew up, I realized the ill effects of ingesting chemicals and the negative effects it has on the body. So, I chose to transform my lifestyle into a healthier one by integrating natural foods into my diet. It was this journey that led to my realization of what nature can offer to humanity” says Rishabh.

Naturevibe Botanicals believes in manufacturing and supplying  products which they, themselves are ready to consume without a grain of doubt. They strict adhere to avoiding any kind of products that damage the environment or undergo chemical processing and extensive heat. NB’s objective is to provide its customers with products that are of supreme quality and making sure that they leave no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling customer expectations.

“Most of my energy is spent on changing the perception of the people and driving them towards nature for good health and lifestyle. In our fast-paced lives, people look for shortcuts and unhealthy alternatives to achieve their health goals. However, through our products, we are propagating the message of going back to nature for achieving superior well-being. Organic products have always helped in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and any and every person who wants to lead a healthy life is our target customer. The customers can buy our products online on all major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.” adds Rishabh.

Naturevibe Botanicals manufactures and delivers A1 organic products across the world. Although NB was initially established in the US and Canada, Rishabh soon started his operations in India after receiving a great response. Based in Mumbai, NB relies on the western and southern parts of India for the raw materials. Initially launched with herbal powders in India, now the company is ready with at least 30-40 products under its belt which include spices and herbal tea. All organic products marketed by Naturevibe Botanicals boast of tremendous medicinal properties, which prevent and treat innumerable diseases along with great taste.

Naturevibe Botanicals’ products include various categories like superfoods, essential oils, spices, herbal powders, organic and herbal teas etc. Rishabh insists that all their products are gluten-free, contain no preservatives, artificial chemicals, and are privy to ingredients which are only found occurring naturally. Naturevibe has received the USDA Organic certification, non-GMO-project verification and is a member of the Natural Products Associations (NPA) and several other organisations. Also, the products are ISO 22000, WHO GMP and FSSAI (manufacturing category) certified.

Our products like Brahmi leaf capsules, essential oils like clove oil, superfoods like Amla powder, Yacon root powder and natural spices use natural herbs and ingredients. Our B2C business in USA is already nearing 10 million dollar business in less than 16 months. We are planning to take Naturevibe across the globe to Australia, UK and the rest of Europe. We plan to continue to create more products that help bring nature and botanicals as close to consumers as possible. It can be extremely difficult for people to find specific natural products that are not geographically near them. We hope to reduce the distance between authentic natural products and consumers. Our ultimate goal is to help people lead the healthiest lives with the finest nature has to offer” Rishabh concludes.

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