Healthy popcorn to satiate taste buds by Timla foods!


I happen to love popcorn sold in multiplexes due to the texture and the wide range of flavors and end up buying it even if it costs a mini fortune. I found Popi Corn by Timla foods in a nearby supermarket and I was naturally interested in trying it out and was surprised by its toothsome taste which came in different flavors at just Rs.10! From then, Popi Corn and I were inseparable and as I delved a bit deep into who was behind this. Thus, I got to know a bit more about the man behind Timla foods, Prashant Gowriraju.

Prashant Gowriraju failed to reach expectations in his past two ventures between 2008 & 2015, but he didn’t give up on entrepreneurship and started Timla foods (Popi corn) in the year 2015 which makes popcorn and since then he never looked back. 

At Timla foods, they prepare healthy and unique ready to eat popcorn under the brand name Popi Corn. The captivating story of Popi Corn started in a garage while Prashant was watching an IPL match when out of mood swings, he started experimenting popcorn with a mix of different ingredients and what followed next is in front of us today as the Popi Corn!

Today Timla is catering its services to more than 10 cities with its manufacturing facility near Hyderabad. They have appointed multiple distributors to supply products to retail chains and also supply directly big retail channels like DMart, Reliance, etc., They are producing more than 200 tonnes of popcorn every month in over 6 different flavors and foresees to innovate new flavors in near future. Its wide range of flavors got bigger along with its experience. 

Their popcorn is made from fresh farm whole grain which is nutritious and delicious with great fiber content and is free of artificial color, flavor or preservatives, GMO and is also gluten-free. 

Popcorn, being the world’s favorite snack, the demand for their product is rising and the company also wants to explore newer sales channels like movie halls. Currently, PopiCorn is available in more than 1.5 lakh outlets. The company is hopeful of making it available in about 5 lakh outlets. 

They started with two people and now have 75 people, including some seasoned hands from FMCG companies. In December 2016, Timla Foods has raised an undisclosed amount of seed fund from Mumbai-based early-stage investment fund Kae Capital. 

Before Timla, Prashant started Hooray retail, an online grocery store in the year 2008 and Kidloo in the year 2010 which sells toys. He has shut down both the ventures due to market conditions and he gave himself more than 2 years to start Timla foods. 

There is a promise to keep. There is a fear of losing something that we love- entrepreneurship. This keeps us motivated to put in our best efforts, particularly on the product and consumer satisfaction side. This is giving us the desired results,” says Prashant in an interview.

Focusing on product or service along with persistence is the key factor to the success of an enterprise. There will be some low points but these should not be seen as failures,” shares Prashant Gowriraju.

The next time you are having a nexflix and chill time or a sleepover with your buddies, grab a Popi Corn which serves as a healthy yet munching snack!