PotraitFlip, Flip your images into portraits, a hostel dorm room idea to 1.2 cr startup!


Ever heard how good it would be to convert your photos to paintings? The Pune based startup PotraitFlip makes it true by turning the photos to beautiful paintings. PortraitFlip flips your images to portraits. It was founded by three engineering graduates, Lavdeep Chahal, Sunny Chaudhury and Shubhanshu Maheshwari in 2018.

It all started in the year 2015 when Mr. Lavdeep Chahal and Sunny Chaudary, Mechanical Engineers from VIT Chennai were thinking where they could get a handmade painting from a photo for his friend!

After a lot of search and phone calls, they couldn’t find anything else apart from Paint Your Life, which charged a lot to deliver to India. They ended up with a startup idea that would one day make handmade paintings from photos and deliver them to the doorstep anywhere in the world. The duo immediately shared their idea with their hostel mate Shubanshu Maheswari, an electrical engineer and he started working on building the website. The trio put together Rs 15,000 from their savings and pocket money and later, collected another Rs 8,000 from friends to start the website with a promise to return with interests.

While the other students were busy completing their assignments and projects, this trio had started receiving orders from the USA and Canada and were delivering handmade paintings to them. 

In the year 2018, they have made a decision to go ahead and open the doors of the PotraitFlip office in Pune instead of opening the doors of the interview room to get a job as an engineer. They have officially registered as an entity in July 2018, as the ultimate hub to create genuine handmade paintings from photographs. 

PortraitFlip collaborate and partner with individual artists and studios to create portraits from images. Currently, the startup has partnered with two studios (with more than 100 artists) and up to 30 individual artists. 

They offer six choices of mediums, including watercolor, oil, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, and acrylic and these paintings can be finished in three options: rolled, gallery wrapped and framed. The user needs to upload a photograph on their website and has to select the desired size and the medium of painting and then they need to pay 30% advance. The user will also get a free online proofing of their artwork.

Initially, they found shipping to be challenging, so to avoid delays they have partnered with industry giants like FedEx and DHL. 

They have acquired their first customer through a Facebook ad and has now served over 5,000 customers across the world. Around 70% of their customers are from the USA, 15% from Australia, the UK, and Canada and the rest of the orders are from India. The charge of the paintings ranges from Rs.1900 to Rs.30,000 based on the size and medium. The USP of PotraitFlip lies in the fact that they allow the customers for unlimited revisions to be made.

They have recorded 30% revenue growth per month since its inception and a turnover of 1.2 cr in the financial year 2018. They are also aiming to raise funds for further expansion. 

If you find yourself looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or a wedding, PotraitFlip is the place to go for you!