RoboChef – World’s First Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen!


How impressive would it be if a robot can be a chef ?! Preparing a variety of food in a flash with just the right amount of everything! Transforming this into reality is Robochef, a Chennai based start-up that has developed a robot which is a massive stainless steel structure that cooks 800+ recipes with ZERO manual effort from vegetable chopping to cooking to serving powered by IoT, Robotics & Machine Learning. Robochef has moving belts that carry utensils, and containers that deliver spices and vegetables into the main cooking vessel, are operated by sensors tuned using computer codes. Robochef has pre-programmed 800 recipes in total, out of which 500 recipes are Indian, 150 are Chinese and the others belong to the Mediterranean cuisine. 

“The biggest advantage of our RoboChef is it’s fully automated and the fact that zero manual effort is needed. It reduces the cost of more than 60 percent of hiring so many people in the kitchen. We simply buy the ingredients and load them into the machine. Consistent taste is the highest value of Robochef which is not humanly possible for a chef to keep it as consistent and make a dish that tastes exactly the same throughout his career. Robochef’s accurate & precise measuring cups and temperature sensors ensure the same consistent mouth-watering taste every time,” says Saravanan Sundaramoorthy, CEO RoboChef in an interview. 

Currently, they have tied up with food caterers who supply in bulk to events and hotels and it has helped them improve their gains, and takes out the dependency on a cook.

When it comes to outside food, one has zero clarity in quality and hygiene. Even the best restaurants cannot ensure consistent taste of your favourite dish. Plus, the restaurant industry is plagued with challenges like high operational costs and even high attrition rates,” says Saravanan.

With a strong resolve to solve these problems, RoboChef has launched their robots into the market utilizing concepts like automation and IoT for the cooking process. The menu currently boasts of more than 800 dishes while displaying an ability to prepare 2000 servings in a single run. It also claims that the time taken in preparing the meal is 60% faster than the manual processes.

They are having three variants of the machine i.e., the commercial variant priced at ₹45 lakh,  for commercial ghost kitchens, and two domestic variants price ranges between ₹6 -10 lakh.

RoboChef has also received seed fund from Technology Business Incubator, Government of India.

Food wastage is an alarming issue in India as we all know it. Our streets, garbage bins, and landfills have sufficient proof to prove it. Robochef is capable of creating perfectly portioned meals and ensures you get the right amount of food to fill you up. Saravanan adds, “Robochef can easily create over 100 meals before the ingredients need to be replenished. We refrigerate the ingredients at 38° Celcius, plus Robochef comes with a recommended ‘refresh’ schedule that guides the service boy on how often to replace and replenish the ingredients to ensure optimal quality.” 

If you are craving anything from buttery paneer masala to exotic coconut rice, Robochef has an online food ordering app where you can customize the ingredients to suit your palate! So, dive into the app right now and make use of the web-based service to stomach delicious food prepared by the ‘RoboChef’!