Shuttl- Deepanshu and Amit making public transportation comfortable!


Travelling by public transport every day to work or college or anywhere is like paying to get a violent body massage from various unprofessional therapists. Isn’t it? But it’s not like we have more better and safer means to travel on a daily basis. It is a global phenomenon to believe that buses are the safest means of transport.

Contributing to this factor, two innovative minds, Deepanshu Malviya and Amit Singh came up with the amazing idea of “Shuttl”. The company was started in 2015 by Deepanshu and Amit who were colleagues at Jabong. Back then, they started to think of most appropriate ways to solve the transportation problem as the buses are always overcrowded, and their solution took the body of “Shuttl”.

Indians using public transport have an unspoken rule – if someone puts a piece of cloth or bag or a cover, it is to be understood that the seat has been reserved by them and one is not allowed to mess with it..never. Shuttl also follows the similar concept of having reserved seats in buses, mini buses and vans but with an upgraded version. Shuttl recreates the recipe by adding technology as a garnish. 

In India, if you see, solutions for (the) daily commute are either overpriced or overcrowded. Passengers simply want to go to office without any stress and quite comfortably.  What we are trying to do os offer a comfortable seat for a journey, for which passengers won’t need to take their own vehicles” says Amit Singh. 

Shuttl assesses the times when the demand for travel is the highest and more often than not, it is when people go and return from their offices. So, Shuttl offers time slots during which individuals can reserve a seat on a bus. The reservation for the particular time slot remains open until all the seats are booked. Routes are decided by the number of passengers per vehicle (density)and the number of customers. The demand is so high that often, seats get sold out 24 hours in advance.  The customers can opt to pay for the seat or can go for a monthly subscription.

Shuttl has renovated its fleet to swanky looking buses with comfortable seating and air conditioning. Shuttle is focusing on providing a hustle free day – to – day transportation. With it’s unique way of developing business and ability to build a dedicating and loyal customer base, Shuttl  has also attracted venture capital funding from Amazon. 

Shuttl is trying to improve itself by developing various advanced features like CCTV feed and face recognition for the safety of their passengers, especially women. It is committed to reduce carbon footprint and decongesting traffic in the city. Shuttle is now running 450 air – conditioned buses across 75 routes connecting different parts of Delhi by offering around 2,000 rides per day from 300 pickup points. Now, that’s definitely huge for a budding company.  Passengers are to use the company’s app to book their seats and the price varies from Rs. 50 – 80, depending upon the route, and monthly subscriptions are available from Rs. 250 to 2,000.

Amit believes that the company is far ahead of the competitors because of its focus on a single problem. ” Shuttl is our bread and butter. We are not trying to solve 10 problems, but we are here teying to solve the one problem that we are set out to.  It’s a model that could be replicated but it’s not easy as it looks” says Amit Singh.

As the time flies “Shuttl” is expected to expand it’s wheels to other parts of the country making traveling more comfortable, safer and relaxing with public not being worried about the free violent massage in other overcrowded vehicles.