The CEO Pilot

This is the story of a medical dropout who turned to start a BBQ Ride India and soon finishing his commercial pilot license – The CEO Pilot

When cravings strike in the evening, don’t you wish there is a convenient alternative to the steeply-priced food delivery apps? Add to that, on the off chance that you are stone-cold broke and aren’t in the temperament to check-in, here’s something which will make you hurl a moan of alleviation.

Arun Varma, a 24-year-old medical drop out from China, along with his younger brother Krishna started BBQ Ride India – first food motorbike by remodeling the legendary Royal Enfield bike into a progressively delectable model with a sidecar that fits a barbecue grill, baggage boxes, and the shiniest weapons of a culinary expert, also an umbrella stand.

We(Brothers) were always excited about new ventures and ideas. Being a foodie and a home chef, I want to experiment with something different on street food which is very famous in our Indian culture and serve proper clean and hygienic food says, Arun Varma!

They have started off the ice cream food truck but still, they want to do something different and unique. After watching Sholay movie, they realised that if a bike can carry a 90 Kg man, it can easily convert into the grill. Then Arun Varma borrowed money from his parents and himself started designing and fabrication of a whole Bullet BBQ bike with a sidecar in his uncle’s garage. It took a couple of months for him to choose the right bike that can pull the sidecar and narrowed down to two Bullet bikes with 500 CC, 350 CC and finally settled down with 350 CC model, with lesser thump with an idea to expand the business all over India. 

Wary of copycats, the brothers have also filed for a design patent.

They have initially kicked off the business with two bikes in Bangalore and have tasted the success of it within a few months and have grabbed the attention from movie producers to investors. Later, Nijish joined them as a cofounder.

As soon as they had understood the potential of BBQ Ride India, they have started giving bikes to people who were interested, in the franchise. They have to pay a one-time fee and they work on a non-profit sharing model. As of now, they have 97 franchises across India in among 10 cities and targeting to reach 100 franchises within a month to make it a bigger BBQ chain the world.

Although they were successful in their nascent run but they have faced few challenges. They say that people started replicating and exploiting the concept, and standardization of business is tricky as it’s a food industry.

Now, BBQ Ride India is expanding much faster than the founding trio had anticipated when they started out.

I don’t want to end with just this idea & don’t want to leave this world with any dream, and soon we are kicking off a world’s first Pizza bike ‘The Smokey Oven’ soon & soon will be finishing commercial pilot license says, Arun Varma.

“If you are ready to regret, forget it and if you aren’t ready then go get it. You will find your right place says”, says Arun Varma.

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