Let’s join our hands to fix nature with “The Switch Fix”.


“Say No to Plastic”, “Be the Change”, “Ban plastic, Save the earth”! From how long are we habituated to hear these slogans, which are being used everywhere but not even one in proper implementation? Running campaigns, planting trees for one day, getting on to roads, and shouting “No Plastic” for hardly one day and completely forgetting the issue by the time we wake up the next day is what we usually do. All the things we do in the name of awareness on pollution or on plastic hazards are mostly for our IG stories. While most of us busy with the above stated so-called responsibility, there are few who are 24/7 taking measures to actually protect the earth.

Abhishek Kumar and Rhea Shukla are among the few. Abhishek and Rhea are the Co-founders of “The Switch Fix”, a company which is aimed towards reducing the pollution by producing organic products. Being aware with the increasing harm and also observing the environment for a long time, the duo came up with the idea of producing organic beauty products as an attempt to reduce the usage of plastic.

Founded in January 2019, the products of the switch fix include soaps, hair oil, shampoo bars, and bamboo toothbrushes.
The Switch Fix uses only organic material for the package and transport of their products. For example, the soaps are wrapped up in a wax paper, the oil is packed in a glass bottles with aluminum caps and the overall product is packed into recycled paper boxes with craft paper and paper tape. They also claim that their manufacturing partners get 70% of their ingredients and raw materials from local sources and this act is bound to bring down the carbon footprint in the process.

As time moved ahead, they also moved their business to social media platforms and encouraged Whatsapp usage to improve awareness and let the customers have hustle free transactions. However, they also encourage voluntary pickups from their office situated in Gurugram. The price of their products varies from Rs. 325 – Rs. 875. The products are also available as packages and individual products. The boxes used for packaging are eco – friendly and reusable at the same time, strong enough to store certain items like jewellery.

However, the lack of alternate resources makes manufacturing and supply chain logistics expensive for them. But the team is committed to bring awareness among its vendors and hope that it would bring demand for their products. The Switch Fix today receives 15 – 20 orders on their products per day from metropolitan cities. The team is also committed to utilize 25% of their income to health and educational development of children in landfill areas.

Through Switch Fix, we want to show people that their contribution towards the issue of plastics can be as simple as a switch. Simple steps like refusing disposable items, adopting a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, etc., is the answer”, says Rhea Shukla, Co-founder of the Switch Fix.

With the innovative thoughts and eco – friendly business, The Switch Fix is believed to reach great heights and serve as a source of inspiration to the youth to go eco – friendly. They serve as an apt example for saying “Actions speak louder than words”.


– Composed by Rajashree