TractorGuru- Manik Mital’s app to simplify mechanization!


The world has evolved so much technologically and you realize it more and more with each passing day. Especially in instances when you find out a vegetable vendor using them. I was surprised the other day, when I saw a vegetable vendor using an app and asked him what it is, and he immediately said that he was using Tractor Guru! Coming home, I tried to learn more about the story behind TractorGuru!

The founder and CEO of TractorGuru, Manik Mital has more than a decade of experience in Agriculture industry, construction equipment and consulting. He has previously worked in John Deere tractor and during his time there, Manik Mital held various positions in Manufacturing, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales.

When he eventually returned to India in 2016, he joined Mahindra group and was the brainchild behind setting up more than 35 used tractor outlets across India for Mahindra Tractor. Realizing the potential of the market and space for farm mechanization in this country, Manik started TractorGuru to provide a free platform for farmers to buy and sell used tractors.The objective behind this startup was to enable customers to find the right farm machinery equipment that suits their requirements.

TractorGuru primarily aims at ‘Simplify Mechanization’. TractorGuru essentially means a teacher(guru) when it comes to tractors and likewise they wish to be the one teaching all informational and transactional needs in the field of tractors! TG currently lists over 300 tractors available for sale in India. Users can read high quality content, compare specifications. research alternatives, and also express interest in purchasing the tractors of their choice. All content on TractorGuru is thoroughly researched and completely unbiased. TG has a Star Rating system which gives a Star Rating out of 5 to all used tractors listed on the app. This TractorGuru Star Rating makes it easier for buyers to compare used tractors.

Our Vision is to create an ecosystem for farmers, manufacturers, dealers and other stakeholders to Simplify Mechanization and increase access to tractors and farm implements in India. We aim to become the preferred platform for Farm equipment in India, and we are indeed slowly inching towards that goal.” says Mital.

The USP behind TractorGuru is simplifying the process of mechanization for farmers. Manik Mital believes that it is the transparency and trust in the process that has contributed a lot to the success of TractorGuru. Another highlight of this Agri-tech startup is that the website and mobile application is completely free for customer use. TG believes that precise information regarding farming equipment should be made available to farmers 24×7. When it comes to monetization, they partner with brands and make money through premium listings and other services.

Even before the website and app were developed, major tractor companies approached Mital for partnership and that made them realize all the more the worth of this market. Their company was started in 2013, but the site went live only in August 2019. The website has been attracting more than 1.5 lakh visitors per month, and the first-year revenue is estimated to be 50 lakhs. The mobile application has seen more than 30K downloads till date.

On being asked about future plans, TG team say that they have plans to enter into Tractor Finance to help farmers easily compare loans and apply for a loan. Also talks have been going on about implementing an Auctions platform for tractor dealers. They are also trying to test new ideas and concepts in the used tractors industry.