Timing was the Key for this Bhopal Startup!


Many people dream about creating their own start-up but only some make it happen. Three such young enthusiastic people made their dream come true. Recently, I interviewed Mr. Aayush Lohi about their start-up, ‘Wassup Bhopal!’

Q1. Tell me about the inception of this startup

Wassup Bhopal was founded in March 2017 by three undergrad students Aayush Lohi, Himanshu Bansal and Burhanuddin. Passionate about history, food and exploring new places, the three people decided to have a firm of their own enabling like minded people to interact and share their work of art.

Q2. Why did you name your start-up, ‘Wassup Bhopal’?

Our start-up is about travel food and culture of bhopal, thus it’s a play on whats up bhopal?

Q3. What is the one mantra that you follow in your work life?

Efficiency and simplicity. Every task that comes in front of us bundles a lot of excitement. Its fun and exhilarating to work on new things. But the repetitive nature of business requires that same task to be implemented again and again. This requires an efficient designing and simplistic nature of that task. We believe that unless its not fully untangled, its not fully taught.

Q4. Everyone has different ways of brainstorming. How are your brainstorming sessions like?

Two things are necessary in any brainstorming session at Wassup Bhopal. First the food and second the late night hours. None of the brainstorming sessions we had occured in broad daylight. 

Q5. What do you look for in a person when you’re hiring? (interns/employees)

Their willingness to learn.

Q6. What was your vision when you started this company? Has it evolved?

Wassup Bhopal aspires to bring powerful tools of Digital Marketing in a budget to clients all over. Our sole aim is to be a single point of contact with whom our clients can partner and fully realize the potential of their products/services, resulting in increased revenue. 

Q7. Can you talk about a regular work day in Wassup Bhopal! ?

You report at office before 12 Noon. Official time is 11 but obviously everyone pulled an all nighter on something. The workday begins with deciding all the task for that specific day. These tasks are then allotted to different teams. Lunch is around 3. Office gets over at around 7:30. The teams get together for a final meet-up and then leave. Obviously many stay back for the rigorous and intense volleyball matches we play at our office court, every night. It’s a fun way to relax after work

Q8. What do you do when you fall short of creative ideas? Is there something that fuels your creative thinking?

We talk to a lot of people. The intellect of masses is a sure thing to fuel you with ideas. Sit with different people, interact with them, ask them for some pointers and amidst all this, you are guaranteed to find your answers.

Q9. What advice would you like to give to people who are thinking of coming up with their own startup some day?

Timing is the key.Having an idea is good. But what is the use if you can’t execute it on time. Always be diligent and willing to improvise and learn new things.

Q10. What does the future hold for this company?

A lot. We are living in the eye of a digital storm. With more and more expansion of digital trends, the company acquires more and more domains to work on and that surely is a positive point for us.

Q.11 What work are you most proud of?

Wassup Bhopal has been awarded by the Madhya Pradesh state tourism award. We have also been listed as one of the best start-up of MP by Bhopal Smart City DCL. One thing that we are personally very proud of is organising a Christmas rally , in collaboration with various NGOs, to distribute gifts to underprivileged children of the city.

These young determined entrpreneurs have proven themselves and are an inspiration for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Wassup Bhopal! is the result of effective and timely execution of a creative idea. Life is all about taking risks and running that extra mile. So if you are planning on creating your own start-up then don’t hesitate in taking risks. Happily fail, learn and then apply what you have learnt. You never know, you might just be a success story which is about to happen.

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